How to Get ABC iView on the Apple TV

An Apple TV can’t connect to traditional TV channels. So to watch channels like The ABC you’ll need to download their streaming app.

The good news is that it’s super easy to get ABC iView on the Apple TV. Here is my step-by-step guide

Can I watch ABC on my Apple TV?

Yes! ABC has an app for the Apple TV. The app is called ABC iView and lets you watch both on demand and live TV. If you have a smart tv, there are also apps available for most TV platforms, but the Apple TV does have a really great interface.

How Do I Get iView on my Apple TV?

There are two ways to Watch iView on your Apple TV. The easiest way is to just download the ABC iView app.

Download the ABC iView App

  1. Open the App Store on your Apple TV.
  2. Search for iView
  3. Download the App to your Apple TV

That’s it! You will need to sign in to your ABC account to watch content through the app. But don’t worry it’s completely free.

AirPlaying to Apple TV

If you already have the iView app installed on your iPhone or iPad you can stream iView to your Apple TV using Airplay. Just start watching any video through the iView app on your device, then click the Airplay button:

You can then select the Airplay device that you want to stream to (in this case your Apple TV). The iView video should start playing on your Apple TV.

Watching ABC iView News

You can watch the ABC News stream through the iView app on your Apple TV. If you want to watch ABC’s 24 hour news channel, you don’t need an antenna. The channel is available to be watched through the iView app.

ABC also broadcasts their News Channel on Youtube. So if you’ve already the YouTube app installed on your Apple TV, you can watch ABC through there. One advantage of watching through YouTube is you can scroll back to watch previously broadcasted content. For example if you’ve missed the beginning of Insiders you can always jump backwards to watch from the beginning.

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