Broadlink RM4 Pro Review: is it worth getting in Australia?

The Broadlink RM4 Pro allows you to control remote controlled appliances using your phone or a voice assistant like Alexa. The Broadlink RM4 Pro is an IR blaster, that basically does what a remote control does. It’s a cheap way to make your existing appliances smart. Here’s my Broadlink RM4 Pro review:

Broadlink RM4 Pro

What is the Broadlink RM4 Pro

The Broadlink RM4 Pro is an IR blaster, RF blaster or Universal remote. It connects to your Wifi network and acts as a hub. You’ll be able to control pretty much any device that uses an IR Remote control through your phone or voice assistant.

Broadlink RM4 Pros and Cons


  • Convert older devices into smart devices for a relatively small cost
  • Works with Google Assistant and Alexa


  • No HomeKit support (won’t work with Siri)
  • Needs line of site for most appliances
  • Temperature sensor in the “S” model isn’t super accurate.

BroadLink RM4 Pro

Why Get the Broadlink RM4 IR Blaster?

The Broadlink RM4 can be used to control any device that uses a remote control. It works with IR devices and RF devices. Some blinds, projectors and light switches use RF remotes that work on the 433MHz band. You’ll be able to control devices such as Air Conditioners, Fans, TVs, Set Top boxes etc.

Using the Broadlink app you can also setup automations. I found this handy when I wanted to turn off a fan at night after a certain number of hours. If you have blinds with an RF remote, you could also automate them to raise and close at certain times.

Does the Broadlink RM4 work in Australia?

Yes. From testing I’ve found the Broadlink RM4 works well with appliances that are sold in Australia. I was able to use it to turn my Air Conditioning unit on and off and it also was able to easily control a Dyson fan. Broadlink has a database of IR codes that is constantly updated. If a device isn’t in the database you can also train the RM4 using any remote. You don’t need to worry about this only working with U.S devices. It’s pretty much a universal device.

Connecting the Broadlink RM4 to HomeKit

The Broadlink RM4 doesn’t work with HomeKit. There is a homebridge plugin for the Broadlink IR blaster you can use if you have a Homebridge server.

There is no word whether Broadlink plans to add support for Matter in the future. This would allow you to add it to HomeKit and other Matter compatible smart home platforms. They are a member of the connectivity standards alliance, but they did not confirm if they are working on Matter.

It is worth Getting the RM4 Pro in Australia?

If you’re looking to make something like an RF controlled Garage Door or Gate smart, or make a IR device like a TV or sound system smart I think this is a pretty good option. Looking at the different IR blasters available in Australia, this would be my top pick. It has a pretty good app and the setup process is relatively easy.

Just remember that this device needs line of site for IR devices. If you need to stand in front of the device currently to control it using a remote, the Broadlink RM4 will also need to be in front of the device. It has a range of around 8 meters for controlling IR devices. And 50 meters for RF devices. If you have devices in different rooms, you would need one of IR blasters in each room.

If you’re planning on getting this to control an Air Conditioner, I would recommend a dedicated smart air conditioner controller. These are more suited to controlling air conditioners and they also work with HomeKit. They have a few extra features that are Air conditioning specific which I found were missing in the Broadlink (such as open window detection). However if you’re after a cheap air conditioning remote, this is a good option.

Where to Get the Broadlink RM4 Pro in Australia

Broadlink sells the RM4 Pro on Amazon in Australia.

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