Do you need an Arlo Subscription in Australia?

Like most smart cameras, Arlo offers a subscription plan. But can you still use the Arlo Doorbell and Arlo Cameras without paying a monthly fee? Here’s my guide on the Arlo Subscription:

Arlo Subscription

Do you need an Arlo Subscription?

Arlo security cameras and the Arlo video doorbell don’t require a subscription to work. But there are some features that won’t be available.

In 2023, Arlo has changed the features that are available without a subscription and they are planning to sunset some older plans.

What Features on Arlo are Free

Without an Arlo subscription you’ll have access to these features:

  • View Live Streaming Video – You’ll be able to watch a live video feed of your camera or doorbell. If your doorbell rings you’ll be able to see a video feed of who is currently at the door.
  • Push Notifications – You’ll receive push notifications when motion is detected on your camera.
  • Two-way audio – You’ll be able to speak to whoever is at the camera/doorbell and they’ll be able to speak back.

Arlo Secure Subscription Features

  • Cloud Recording – With an Arlo Subscription video events will get recorded to the cloud.
  • Smart Notifications – You can choose to only receive a notification if a particular type of motion event is recorded. Such as a person or pet.
  • Activity Zones – You can setup activity zones to only trigger motion events in particular areas.

Does Arlo Still work without a subscription?

Your Arlo device will still work. You just won’t be able to see recorded video. With a subscription, motion events get recorded to the cloud. You also won’t be able to setup a Activity Zones without an Arlo subscription.

How much is an Arlo subscription in Australia?

An Arlo subscription cost $4.99 a month in Australia for a single camera. If you want to use unlimited cameras it will cost $12.99 a month.

Can you record in 4k in Australia

Yes but you’ll need to pay more each month. Note that most Arlo cameras don’t yet support 4k recording.

Is Arlo Safe Available in Australia?

Arlo Safe is an emergency response app. It is not available in Australia.

Is the Arlo subscription worth it?

Arlo cameras offer fewer features if your don’t have a subscription compared to competing brands like Ring and Nest. Both Ring and Nest let you setup Motion/Activity zones without needing a subscription. If you’re doorbell or camera is facing a busy street, you’ll definitely need to use these to save battery life and stop erroneous notifications.

All of the major smart camera brands require a subscription for cloud recording.

The Arlo Doorbell and Cameras are quite cheap compared to many of the competitors, so even with a subscription you might end up saving money.

I would compare the features of the Arlo to the Ring Subscription and Nest Subscription before buying.

If you want to buy a smart camera, but don’t want to pay for a subscription I would get a Ring or Nest camera which have more feature for free. If you’re ok paying a little more upfront, I’ve got another option below as well.

The Best Smart Cameras without a Subscription

If you want a smart camera or video doorbell without a subscription, your best bet is the Eufy range. The Eufy cameras and doorbells have the same features as the Arlo cameras but without needing a monthly subscription. Eufy records video to a local hub or to your own cloud storage (like dropbox).

The downside is you pay more upfront. The Eufy cameras and basestation are quite expensive. But if you’re looking to avoid ongoing costs, it’s definitely worth it.

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