Aqara D100 review: Australian Guide

The Aqara D100 is a new smart lock available in Australia. The Aqara D100 has some unique features that I think makes it worth considering. Here’s my Aqara D100 review:

What I like about the Aqara D100 Smart Lock

Aqara D100 Smart Lock

Apple Home Key Support

The Aqara D100 is one of the few smart locks available in Australia that has Apple Home Key support. Apple Home Key lets you open your door using your iPhone or Apple Watch. There are no buttons to press you just need to tap your device to the door and it will unlock.

The other great advantage of Home Key is you can easily share keys without needing to download and install any apps. You can give a temporary key to visitors and share the key automatically with all Apple Home family members.

Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery

Aqara claims the D100 battery will last 12 months. I haven’t been able to confirm this in real world operating, but the smart lock does have a large enough battery. It can be charged via USB-C so recharging shouldn’t be a hassle. And most importantly, you’ll still be able to unlock the door from the inside when the battery dies. It can also be charged from the outside in an emergency and it can be opened with a mechanical key.


The Aqara D100 lock uses Zigbee (like most Aqara devices). Zigbee is the same networking protocol that Philips Hue uses. It’s very reliable and I find it has fewer issues than devices that connect directly to Wifi.

9 Unlock Methods

While I’ll be using Apple Home Key with the Aqara D100, the good news is the smart lock has a huge range of unlock methods. These include:

  • PIN codes (temporary, permanent, and remote)
  • Fingerprint
  • NFC Card (The lock comes with two)
  • Mechanical Key
  • HomeKit
  • Google Home (via hub)
  • Aqara App

Built in Doorbell

The D100 has a built in doorbell and chime. So you don’t need an additional device. The doorbell is quite loud (up to 130db)

What I don’t like about the Aqara D100

It’s Not Waterproof

The Aqara D100 doesn’t have a water resistant rating like many other smart locks. Aqara says it’s designed for indoors. For most people this is going to be a deal breaker. If your door is sheltered I imagine it won’t be an issue. But I wouldn’t be confident if your door has constant rain. The lock has definitely been designed for Apartments. Make sure you check with your body corporate before installing a smart lock.

Can be a complicated Install

Many smart locks can be retrofitted to existing doors and locks. Some can be installed within a matter of minutes. Before getting this, make sure the lock is compatible with your door.

My Aqara D100 Review

If you have the right type of door the Aqara D100 looks to be a solid lock. If you’re desperate for an Apple Home Key lock in Australia then this is a good option. If you can go without Home Key, I would take a look at some of the alternatives which are designed for outdoor use and will be easier to install.

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