Smart Home Gift Ideas for Fathers Day: Australian Guide

If you’re looking for a Fathers Day gift for your gadget obsessed dad, then look no further than our ultimate list of Smart Home Gift Ideas.

Smart Outdoor Weather Station

Eve Weather Outdoor Weather Station

With the Eve Weather you can track the outdoor temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and weather trends. You can see the weather stats on the built in e-ink display or view data with the companion Eve App on your phone. Plus it’s HomeKit compatible so you’ll be able to ask Siri to give you a weather update.

Netatmo Smart Weather Station

The Netatmo Weather Station comes with both Indoor and Outdoor sensors. Get notifications when the weather changes or when the indoor air quality drops. The Netatmo works with both Alexa and Apple HomeKit. So you can use your voice assistant to get weather updates. The Netatmo doesn’t have a built in screen but you can access detailed charts and forecasts from the companion app.

Philips Hue Starter Kit

Philips Hue Smart Lights

If your dad is looking to get into smart lighting than I recommend going with the Philips Hue system. It’s what I use in my place, and I’ve found it to be the most reliable and highest quality smart lighting. Unlike cheaper smart lights like the Mirabella Genio, Philips Hue will work no matter what phone or smart system your dad has. It works on all platforms.

The Philips Hue Starter Kit comes with a number of bulbs and a bridge. The bridge makes sure the lights are always connected and they can also be controlled remotely or setup to work with automations. And yes these smart lights will work with Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa.

Eve Aqua Smart Tap

Eve Aqua Smart Tap

The Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller connects your outdoor tap to your smart home. You’ll be able to turn on the tap for watering remotely or setup automations to automatically water on certain days. Great for when you’re on Vacation but still need to water the plants. The device has a built in flow meter so you’ll get insights on how much water you’re consuming.

Netatmo Smart Rain Gauge

Netatmo Smart Rain Gauge

This Smart Rain Gauge replaces the old fashioned gauges which require constant emptying. The Netatmo Smart Rain Gauge connects to your phone and will keep track of rainfall. Using HomeKit or other smart home apps, you’ll be able to setup smart automations such as making sure your smart watering system doesn’t turn on if there has been rain. You can also setup alerts through the Netatmo app to get notified when it starts raining. Perfect for when you need to get the washing off the line!

The Netatmo Rain Gauge requires a Netatmo Weather Station as a hub.

Echo Smart Speaker with Clock

Echo Smart Speaker

The Echo Gen 4, is both a smart speaker and a clock. You can use it to play music, set timers, control your smart home devices, get the news, and much more. It comes with Alexa, which is one of the most comprehensive smart assistants.

Furbo Smart Dog Cam

Furbo smart dog camera

The Furbo Smart Dog Camera is both a 360° camera plus a treat dispenser. The Furbo connects with your smart phone so you can check in your dog when you’re away. It has two way audio so you can speak with your pet and you can toss a treat using your iPhone or Android.

It also has smart alerts so can receive a notification when your dog starts barking.

Veritable Indoor Smart Garden

Veritable Indoor Smart Garden

Grow fresh herbs and veggies all year round using the Veritable Smart Indoor Garden. This indoor garden uses a pod system that doesn’t require a green thumb. Just pop in a growing pod and the smart garden will do the rest and provide light, irrigation and nutrients.

Apple TV 4k

The Apple TV 4K will upgrade any tv into a smart TV it even works great with an existing Smart TV. Use the Apple TV for streaming TV (Like Netflix, Binge, Stan, Kayo etc), playing games from the App Store, Working out or playing music. The Apple TV will also act as a smart home hub for many Homekit compatible smart devices, allowing you to control them remotely or running automations. But for most people, they will just appreciate the interface and remote which is a joy to use and much better than the standard interface you get with your TV.

I recommend the latest version as it comes with an upgraded remote, which is a million times better than the old Apple TV remote.

Xiaomi Eye Care Desk Lamp

Xiaomi Smart Lamp

Upgrade any work from home setup with this Smart Desk Lamp from Philips and Xiaomi. Control the brightness using the built in touch controls or connect it with your smartphone for more control. It has a built in sensor to change the brightness based on the ambient light levels.

Eufy Smart Video Doorbell

Eufy Video Doorbell

The Eufy Smart Video Doorbell will show you who’s at the door. When you’re out you can receive notifications when a person or package arrives and it will deter people from stealing any packages. It has two way audio so you can speak with delivery drivers or other people when you’re out.

Unlike the Ring, the Eufy doesn’t require an ongoing ring subscription. This requires no subscriptions or ongoing fees.

Philips Hue Smart Flood Light

Philips Hue Smart Flood Light

Upgrade any outdoor space with the Philips Hue Smart Flood Light. Philips Hue has a great range of smart outdoor lighting, and this Flood Light is a great place to start. It provides both White and Colour lighting that is almost infinitely adjustable. Control the lights using any voice assistant or your phone. You can also set it up to turn on and off at certain times.

The smart flood light can be paired with a Hue outdoor motion sensor to activate when motion is detected. You can even connect your smart light to your outdoor smart cameras so it only turns on when a person is detected.

Philips Sonicare Smart Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare Smart Toothbrush

The Philips Sonicare is the gold standard of electric toothbrushes. It connects to your smart phone to give you tips on where you can improve your brushing including spots you’ve missed or areas where you are using too much or too little pressure.

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