The Best HomeKit Smart Plugs in Australia

The choice of HomeKit Smart Plugs in Australia has been quite limited but thankfully more and more are becoming available. While the range in 2023 is not huge, there are some great HomeKit compatible Smart Plugs.

HomeKit Smart Plugs

I keep this page updated with the best HomeKit smart plugs available in Australia (they must have the Australian plug design).

HomeKit Smart PlugAmp RatingHub RequiredEnergy Monitoring
Merros HomeKit Smart Plug10 AmpsNoNo
Hue Smart Plug10 AmpsYesNo
Eve Smart Plug10 AmpsNoYes

Merros HomeKit Smart Plug

Meross Homekit Smart Plug

The Meross HomeKit Smart Plug is an affordable option that works without the use of a hub. This smart plug connects directly to Wifi (2.4ghz) so you don’t need any additional hardware.

I’ve found smart devices that connect directly to Wifi to have unreliable connections. However in my testing I didn’t experience any outages or connection issues with the Merros Smart Plugs.

The only downside of the Merros plus is that it doesn’t support energy monitoring. Meross sells a non HomeKit compatible smart plug that does have energy monitoring. So make sure when purchasing you’re buying the one that does work with HomeKit.

As this is a HomeKit plug, setup is a breeze. You simply need to scan the HomeKit QR code and it will be added to your smart home. This smart plug can also work using the Meross app if you don’t have an apple device.

One thing to note – Like most smart plugs, it is quite large and may block the second outlet on many Australian powerpoints depending on what you use the other outlet for. I found I was able to plug in a regular cord and the smart plug into the same duel outlet but you wouldn’t be able to plug in a USB charger for example.

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Hue Smart Plug

Hue Smart Plug

The Hue Smart Plug is a great choice if you already have a Hue Bridge and Hue Lights.

By default, the Hue Smart Plug is a bluetooth plug but if you have a Hue Bridge it will connect to HomeKit. As I already use Hue lights as my default smart lighting setup, it made sense to choose the Hue Smart Plug. I use the smart plug to power my Christmas Lights and it works really well.

If you don’t have a Hue Bridge the Smart Plug can only be controlled using the Hue App on your phone (via bluetooth). With the Hue Bridge the Smart Plug is fully HomeKit compatible and can be setup through the Home App on an Apple Device.

The Hue Smart Plug is pretty expensive, but like all Hue devices I expect it will last a long time and I don’t expect to have any connectivity issues.

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Eve Energy Homekit Smart Plug

Eve Energy Smart Plug

The Eve Smart Plug is one of the only HomeKit compatible smart plug available in Australia that also has energy monitoring. If you’re looking to monitor the energy usage of an appliance, than this is a great option.

The Eve Plug doesn’t require a Hub and it is also Thread compatible. Thread is a new mesh networking standard for smart devices. Its reliable and fast and much better than standard Wifi smart devices. If you own a Google Nest Wifi, Apple TV (latest generation) or Apple HomePod mini, you already have a Thread border router. This sort of acts as a hub. You don’t need any of these devices to use the Eve Plug but if you want to control it when you’re away from home you will need one.

I use the Eve app with a temperature sensor. The same app is used for this plug too. I’ve always found the app to be a bit confusing. But it does have all the features you will need.

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Best For IFTTT (Hue)

Currently the only Australian Smart Plug that I can find on IFTTT is the Hue Smart Plug. If you use IFTTT to setup automations than I would recommend going with the Hue Smart Plug. You will need to use the Hue Bridge for IFTTT to work.

Best for Thread (Eve)

I believe that there are currently two smart plugs that work with Thread. The Eve is my current pick, but Belkin has recently released the Belkin WeMo smart plug which has thread support. Getting it in Australia is currently a little difficult but I imagine this is simply because it has only just launched.

Best for Energy Monitoring (Eve)

If you’re looking to monitor your energy usage I would go with the Eve Energy. Just remember that these smart plugs are limited to 10 amps or 2400 Watts. This means that some appliances, won’t work as they draw too much power. Your coffee machine or heater may not work with these smart plugs.

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