The Best Smart Power Boards in Australia

With a smart power board, you’ll be able to turn appliances on or off remotely. You’ll also be able to use your favourite voice assistant such as Alexa or Siri to control the power board.

These are the best smart power boards currently available in Australia:

The Best Smart Wifi Power Boards

These Wifi Power Boards connect directly to your Wifi router and don’t require a hub or bridge to operate. I’ve found that Wifi smart devices tend to be little more unreliable than devices that use a hub, however in my testing these Wifi power boards all performed well without any connection issues.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Power Board

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wifi Power Board

TP-Link sells a range of smart home products under the Kasa brand. The TP-Link Power Board works without a hub and uses the Kasa app for control. It also works with Google Home and Alexa. The Kasa range doesn’t work with Apple Home but there is a Kasa app available for iOS devices.

This power board has 3 outlets as well as two usb type A outlets. In terms of build quality and reliability I think is one of the best options available in Australia.

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Useelink Smart Power Board

Useelink Wifi Power Board

Useelink makes one of my favourite smart wifi light switches and they also make this excellent Useelink Power Board.

The Useelink smart power board has 4 outlets (one more than the TP-Link) and also 4 USB outlets. So you’ll have enough to charge all your devices at once. This powerboard works with Google Assistant and Alexa. It can also be controlled using the popular TuyaSmart app.

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Lenovo Smart Wifi Power Board

Lenovo Wifi Power Board

The Lenovo Smart Power Board has 4 outlets. It lacks the USB outlets that the other options have. To control the power board you’ll need the Lenovo Link Pro app. It’ll also work with Google Assistant and Alexa.

The Best HomeKit Power Boards

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any HomeKit power boards that are available in Australia. Cygnett used to make a range of HomeKit smart power boards, but it looks like they are no longer making them.

If you’re looking for a HomeKit option the Tuya boards can work with a home bridge plugin. I also expect that over the coming year we’ll see a number of Matter power boards that you can add to HomeKit.

The Best Zigbee Power Boards

If you have a Zigbee hub then you can use a smart Zigbee power board. Zigbee will give you a more reliable connection and use less power than a Wifi power board.

Jinvoo Zigbee Power Board

Jinvoo Zigbee Power Board

The best Zigbee power board in Australia is the Jinvoo Power Board. You will need a Zigbee hub in order for this to work and I was able to get it working using the Tuka Gateway Bridge.

You get 4 outlets as well as 4 USB slots. It can be controlled using the Jinvoo App.

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