The Best Smart Diffusers in Australia

A Smart Diffuser can be controlled using an app on your phone or your voice using Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also use automations to to control your diffuser – such as turning it on automatically when you arrive home.

The Best Smart Diffusers

I tried a number of smart aroma diffusers that are available in Australia and these are best ones:

Meross Smart Diffuser – My Pick

Meross Smart Diffuser

The Meross Smart Diffuser can connect with Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Alexa. This smart diffuser has app and voice control. It also has an RBG light and you’re able to set the colour.

If you have an Apple Device this is the best Smart Diffuser for you. It integrates well with HomeKit. You can setup automations such as turning on the diffuser when you arrive home or when you wake up and turn it off automatically at night.

In our testing this was the quietest smart diffuser and is barely noticeable.

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Asakuki Smart Diffuser

Smart Asakuki Diffuser

The Asakuki Smart Diffuser can connect with the TunaSmart app for remote control. It can also integrate with Google Home and Alexa. It doesn’t work with Apple HomeKit.

The Asakuki diffuser has a large 700ml water tank that will allow it to run longer. It also features an RGB light with 7 colour modes. Personally I don’t like the design as much as the Meross diffuser but this is just my personal taste.

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Kogan SmarterHome Smart Aroma Diffuser

Kogan SmarterHome Diffuser

The Kogan SmarterHome Diffuser integrates with Kogan’s Smarter Home app. Certain functions can also be controlled through Google Home and Alexa. It has an adjustable colour light.

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Advantages of a Smart Diffuser

  • Set up Automations – You can setup your diffuser to turn on or off at certain times. The Meross Diffuser which works with HomeKit also supports smart automations such as turning on when your arrive home or turning off when you leave.
  • Remote Control – Control your diffuser without needing to get off the couch. These diffusers let you set the intensity of diffusion and also change the coloured mood lighting.
  • Timers – Easily setup timers to automatically switch the diffuser off. This is great if you use a diffuser to help you sleep at night.

How do these Smart Diffusers Work

Most Smart Diffusers use ultrasonic waves that disperse the oils into microscopic particles. They mix with water vapour and disperse into the air. Because no heat is used in these diffusers, the oils are degraded and maintain their potency. These diffusers work really well at filling a room with scent.

Can you use a Smart Diffuser as a Humidifier

Yes! Because these diffusers use water vapour, they act as a humidifier. However don’t expect a small smart diffuser to be anywhere near as effective as a proper humidifier.

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