Does Mirabella Genio Need Wifi?

Mirabella Genio is a line of smart bulbs and appliances that are available in Australia. Some smart bulbs can run using Bluetooth or there own networking. But Does Mirabella Genio need wifi to work?

I’ve written a full review of Mirabella Genio here which goes into more depth as to what I think of these smart products.

My Mirabella Genio Review

Does Mirabella Genio Need Wifi?

Yes, Mirabella Genio bulbs require a wifi connection. Other Smart Bulbs like the Philips Hue can run without Wifi if it goes out.

This does mean that if there is a problem with your Router your lights will not work.

Do you Need an Internet Connection for Mirabella Genio?

Yes you will need an internet connection to control Mirabella Genio bulbs. I think this is a big issue with this range of smart bulbs. Alternatives like the Philips Hue can be controlled without an active internet connection and even if the router goes down they can still be controlled if you have smart switch. That’s just not possible with these bulbs.

Why do Mirabella Genio Bulbs keeps Disconnecting

If you’re having connection issues with Genio bulbs it is most likely related to your Wifi. Because the bulbs rely on Wifi and don’t have their own networking like the Philips Hue, each bulb needs a strong connection to your router.

But there’s an even bigger problem – Mirabella Genio bulbs only run on 2.4ghz Wifi Band. Your router has two bands or frequencies, 2.4 and 5ghz. Usually when you’re using your iPhone, Laptop or other device you’re connected by either one of the frequencies jand your devices are smart enough to switch between the two. So if one band is experiencing too much interference or there isn’t a good signal it will seamlessly switch you over to the other band. Mirabella Genio bulbs don’t do this.

The 2.4ghz band is affected by other appliances in your house including most notably the microwave. Running the microwave might actually drop the connection between your router and your Genio bullbs!

If you’re having connection issues with the bulbs I would actually recommend just switching to an alternative product. There are much better Genio alternatives that don’t have these issues like Philips Hue that run on the 2.4ghz Frequency as well as Bluetooth for faster connection and less dropouts if there is a router issue. While you can fiddle with your Router to make these bulbs work, it’s not worth it in the long run.

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