The Best Matter Smart Lights available in Australia

Matter is the next generation of smart home standards. Devices that support Matter will work across smart home platforms. So it doesn’t matter if you use Apple Home, Google Home or Alexa. Matter has been designed to increase interoperability between platforms.


I’m keeping this page updated with Matter Light Bulbs that are currently available in Australia. These bulbs can be added to:

  • Apple Home
  • Google Home
  • Samsung Smart Things
  • Amazon Alexa

Depending on the bulb, you might also need a hub or bridge. The good news is that most matter products are being developed to use Thread. Thread is a networking technology that uses your existing smart home devices to act as a hub. If you own an Apple TV, HomePod, or Nest Hub you already have a Thread Hub (Border router).

Other Matter bulbs will connect directly to Wifi and won’t require any other hubs. You can expect cheaper brands to use this method.

While this may seem confusing at the moment, in the future most hubs and smart home devices will support Matter and should just work out of the box with whatever gear you have. Right now, Matter is in its very early days.

Matter Bulbs Available in Australia

Nanoleaf Essentials

Nanoleaf has updated its essentials line to support Matter. These bulbs are also Thread Bulbs. So you’ll need a Matter Hub that also acts as a Thread Border Router. A HomePod, Nest Hub or Apple TV 4K will do this.

Wiz Bulbs

Wiz bulbs that were manufactured after 2021 will be receiving an over the air update that will make them Matter compatible. Wiz is manufactured by Signify the same people who make Philips Hue. They are essentially a budget version of the Hue bulbs.

Wiz are Wifi only bulbs and currently they only work with Google Assistant and Alexa. The Matter update means they will work with Apple Home.

Coming Soon

Phillips Hue

Philips Hue is adding Matter support to their bridge. Individual bulbs will not support Matter. You will still need the Hue Bridge. The update was scheduled to be released in Q1 2023, but it has been delayed.

TP-Link Tapo

TP-Link makes a range of cheap Wifi smart bulbs that work with Google Assistant and Alexa. They’ll be adding Matter support to a new range of bulbs. As these are Wifi bulbs you won’t need a hub or bridge.

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