How to Switch from Foxtel to Streaming

Are you still paying for Foxtel and looking for a cheaper alternative. Did you know that you can now get pretty much the exact same content from streaming apps. Every Foxtel show and Channel can be streamed through streaming apps like binge that are run by Foxtel. And if you do make the switch, you’ll save a small fortune each month!

Why You Should Switch from Foxtel to Streaming

  • Streaming is Cheaper – If you subscribe to Kayo Sports, Binge and Flash (the three streaming apps the fully replace Foxtel) you’ll be paying less than you would for Foxtel.
  • Same Content – All the content you can get on Foxtel can be watched through streaming services. Foxtel Group owns three streaming apps – Binge, Kayo and Flash which has all of their content.
  • No Lock In Contracts – Foxtel locks you in to a contract. There is a minimum cost over 12 months. With the streaming apps you can cancel at anytime. For example, I pause my Kayo Sports subscription during the Formula 1 off season and then start again when the season starts. This way I’m not paying for something I don’t use. Foxtel can be bought without a contract but it is more expensive.
  • Fewer Ads – You can watch content on demand. The streaming live channels have the same ads as Foxtel. Kayo Sports also has ads if there are ads in the Foxtel broadcast (as it carries the same content as Foxtel)

The Streaming Apps that Replace Foxtel

These are the streaming apps that replace Foxtel. These apps have the same channels you’ll find on Foxtel:

Streaming AppContentChannels
BingeEntertainment, Movies and LifestyleE, Lifestyle, A&E, History, Fox Crime, BBCEarth, Lifestyle Food, BBCFirst, BBCUKTV, And many more
Kayo SportsSportsFox Sports, Fox Footy, ESPN, BEIN
FlashNewsCNN, Sky, Fox News, BBC World News, Aljazeera and more

All of these apps are run by Streamotion. Streamotion is owned by the Foxtel Group.

Some of the Foxtel shows you can watch on binge

Watching Live TV Through Streaming

You can watch the programs on Binge and Kayo on demand, but you can now also watch the live Foxtel channels through these streaming apps!

Watching Live TV Channels Through Binge
You can now watch live channels through Binge. These are the same channels you’ll find on Foxtel

You can watch Live TV through all of these streaming apps. On Binge you can watch the entertainment channels you can watch on Foxtel like Lifestyle, BBCFirst etc. You can watch live sports through Kayo and Flash carries all the live news channels.

So if you prefer to watch TV live and not on demand, you can still do that with these streaming apps! Personally I much prefer to watch on demand. There are no ads when you watch the on demand shows and I can watch what I want, when I want.

The only downside is there is currently no TV guide offered through the apps. You’ll need to use an online TV guide service to see what’s currently on each live channel.

Foxtel vs Streaming: Which is Cheaper

If you want to fully replace Foxtel – which is the base foxtel channels + sports + docos + kids you will be paying a massive $140 a month! That’s a ridiculous price.

Foxtel prices in Australia
Foxtel is much more expensive than using the Streaming Apps.

For streaming if you were to buy Binge + KayoSports + Flash you would be paying just $45.50. If you wanted higher quality (4k for example) you would be paying a few more dollars than this.

Streaming ServicePrice in Australia
Binge (Entertainment, Lifestyle and Movies)$10 per Month
Kayo Sports $25 per Month
Flash (News)$8 per Month

You can get the same content you get on Foxtel on Binge, Kayo and Flash for much, much less. Plus you can easily mix and match and cancel at anytime if you don’t like it or are having technical problems.

How to Watch These Streaming Apps

Just because these are streaming apps, doesn’t mean you can’t watch them on your TV. There are apps for Smart TV’s and Set Top Boxes. Plus you also watch on your Computer, iPad or Phone. This is great if you’re partner isn’t as thrilled as you are to watch every F1 practice session 😂

This is a guide from Binge on how to watch on your TV.

Apple TV

I use the Apple TV plugged into my TV. I think it has the best interface for watching Binge, Kayo Sports and Flash. It’s the option I recommend to most people, especially to seniors looking to replace Foxtel as it’s really easy to use.

Even though I have a smart TV which can install apps directly, I find the Apple TV interface to be a million times better. The Apple TV remote (latest generation) is also really good. I can use the remote to control the entire TV – yep you don’t need a million remotes anymore. It turns on the TV and Apple TV (in one go) and I can control the Volume from the Apple remote (I use a soundbar, but works with TV speakers too).

So if you’re looking for something to replace your existing Foxtel Box and is simple enough for your grandparents, I would get the Apple TV.

You can install Binge, Kayo Sports, and Flash on the Apple TV. Through these apps you can watch all the content you were watching on Foxtel (including the live channels) through these apps. You’ll also be able to install Netflix, Stan, Disney+ etc. And you can install on demand apps like ABC iView on the Apple TV. If there is a streaming app, you’ll be able to watch it on the Apple TV.

Switch from Foxtel to Kayo Sports

One of the biggest reasons people pay for Foxtel is to watch sports. Foxtel currently has Rugby League, AFL, Formula 1 and other sports from ESPN and Bein.

Kayo Sports has the exact same sports and channels as Foxtel.

The only main difference between Kayo and Foxtel is some sports are broadcast in 4k on Foxtel. These broadcasts are limited and you do need a 4k compatible TV to take advantage. I do believe that Kayo Sports will have to eventually add 4k streaming. Pretty much every other streaming service has 4k.

Foxtel vs Kayo Pricing

The cheapest cost to buy Foxtel with the Sports Channels is currently around $74. Foxtel doesn’t give you an option to just buy the sports channels. You need to subscribe to the base Foxtel package and then add-on the sports.

The cost of Kayo Sports is $25 a month. So obviously you are saving a huge amount each month if you’re just using Foxtel to watch sports.

Switch from Foxtel to Flash News Streaming

Flash is the news streaming service from the same people as Kayo and Binge. It has the news channels that Foxtel Subscribers get. These include Sky, CNN, BBCWorldNews, Aljazeera, Fox News etc.

If you are currently using Foxtel to watch these channels, you can now watch them through the Flash Streaming Apps.

Switch from Foxtel Kids to Binge

If you currently use Foxtel to watch kids tv programs, the good news is you can watch the same channels on Binge. You can also setup a seperate account for your kids, so their shows don’t show up on your account.

You can also stream the live TV channels like Nickelodeon through Binge.

Should You Subscribe to Foxtel Now

If you’re currently subscribed to Foxtel Now, you are getting ripped off. Why? You can get the same content for cheaper by subscribing to KayoSports and Binge. Foxtel Now may have some additional live channels but all the main live channels are included with Binge. Plus you can watch everything on demand. Foxtel Now also has there own streaming box. You might prefer using this box to use the streaming apps through your smart TV.

I can’t imagine Foxtel Now will remain for much longer.

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