Is the Eufy Indoor Camera worth Buying: My review

I’ve been using the Eufy Indoor Camera 2k as a pet and security camera for the last 12 months. Here’s my review the Eufy indoor camera range:

My eufy indoor 2k camera

Eufy Indoor Camera Range

Eufy currently sells 3 indoor cameras in Australia:

Both the 2k cameras are very similar. They work with HomeKit, Google Assistant and Alexa and have two way audio. They have night vision and can support recording to a MicroSD card. The Mini is a little more basic and doesn’t work with HomeKit.

If you’re looking for a pet camera, I would recommend the Pan and Tilt 2k of the Indoor Mini Cam. Both will detect motion and track it across the room. This is perfect for following a pet around.

The entire Eufy Indoor Cam range works with the Eufy app which lets you watch live streaming video and use Two way audio. You can also setup activity zones to only alert you when motion is detected in certain areas.

What I like about the Eufy Indoor Cameras

No Subscriptions

Unlike the ring cameras or nest cameras, you don’t need a subscription to use Eufy Cameras. If you want to record video, you can add a MicroSD card to the camera. Viewing live video requires no subscription. Once you buy the camera there are no more ongoing costs.

HomeKit Secure Video

The Eufy 2k camera work with HomeKit and HomeKit secure video. This means the video will show in the Home App on your supported Apple device. HomeKit secure video is encrypted end-to-end and all processing to detect people and pets is done locally on your Apple devices and not in the cloud.

One HomeKit Secure Video feature I like is being able to stop streaming and recording if any family members are home, and only start recording when we all leave.

HomeKit secure video will record and store clips of motion events (like pets and people) and you’ll be able to view these clips in the Home App.

To access HomeKit secure video you will need an iCloud+ subscription or an Apple One sub.

Using HomeKit Secure Video is optional.


I’ve been using the Indoor 2k camera for the last 12 months and I’ve found it to be very reliable. I’ve found the picture quality to also be very good for a camera in this price range. I use the Indoor 2k with HomeKit Secure Video (not the Eufy app). This means I can view recorded clips in the Home App. HomeKit Secure Video was quite temperamental in the past, but it has recently undergone some updates which I’ve found have improved reliability. I haven’t had any recent connection issues.

Opening the camera feed within the Home App or Eufy is quite fast and I’ve found it loads within 2 seconds.

What I don’t like about the Eufy Indoor Cameras

Privacy Switches

The Eufy Indoor Camera range needs to add hardware privacy switches. When I’m home I usually just unplug the camera, I would prefer a hardware system to stop streaming and recording.

The Pan and Tilt and Mini Cam have features where you can turn on privacy mode. This will spin the camera around so it’s hidden. This is activated using the Eufy app.

Does the Eufy Indoor Camera Need to be Plugged In?

The Eufy Indoor Cameras need to be plugged in to power and are not wireless. The Eufy Indoor cameras come with a USB power brick. While the supplied cord is relatively long, the camera will still need to be placed near a power outlet.

Does the Eufy Indoor Camera Require Homebase?

The Eufy Indoor Cameras don’t require HomeBase and can’t record video to the Eufy HomeBase. If you want to record video locally, you will need to add a Micro-SD card which gets inserted into the camera.

Are the Eufy Indoor Cameras worth buying?

I think the Eufy Indoor Cameras are one of the better smart indoor camera options available in Australia. I’ve found them to be very reliable and the image quality is very good too. They are also one of the few smart cameras that work with HomeKit so if you use Apple Devices, they will integrate well with your ecosystem.

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