The Best HomeKit Light Switches in Australia

For a long time there hasn’t been a good range of HomeKit Light Switches in Australia, but thankfully in 2023, there are now a number of great options. I’ve tested out a bunch of these HomeKit compatible switches and found these ones are the best of the bunch.

If you’re looking to replace your traditional light switches with a HomeKit light switch, then these products will make your non-smart lights, smart! A smart switch can turn existing lights into smart lights without needing to replace your bulbs with smart downlights.

These are the best HomeKit wall switches available in Australia:

LIFX Smart Switch

If you’re looking to replace your existing light switches with a homekit smart switch than one of the best options is the LIFX Smart Switch.

You can choose from a a two or four button option and they come in both black or which finishes. This switch will convert your old lights into smart lights. You don’t need to install smart lights, this switch will work on existing lights. But if you do have smart lights, this switch can also be programmed to control those lights as well.

The one downside is these switches can’t dim your lights. If you’re controlling LIFX lights, the switch can be programmed to Dim your LIFX lights. If you’re using another brand of smart lights you will need to use the Home app. This switch can’t Dim regular non-smart lights.

Because it is hard wired you will need an electrician to install this switch.

Overall I think the LIFX Smart Switch is one of the best HomeKit switches you can buy in Australia.

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HPM Legrand Arteor – The Best Homekit light switches

HPM Legrand Arteor Homekit Smart Switch

The HPM Legrand Arteor range has both wired and wireless HomeKit light switches. This means you can mix and match to create a perfect setup. They also sell a range of HomeKit compatible fan and blind switches. This range is a collaboration between Legrand (a French lighting company) And Netatmo a Smart Home Company. This is one the best smart light switches available in Australia.

In my research I’ve found the HPM Arteor range to be the most complete smart switch setup for Homekit. If you’re looking to replace your existing light switches with a smart switch this is probably the best option.

The Arteor range requires a gateway. I’ve found setups that have a hub or gateway to be more reliable with fewer connection dropouts. For example, my Hue setup which uses a hub has never had connection issues. The Legrand range is known for being very reliable.

If you’re looking to replace every switch in your home or apartment with a HomeKit compatible light switch, then I would look at using the HPM Legrand Arteor Range.

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SmartSetup HomeKit Switch

SmartSetup Homekit compatible light switch

The SmartSetup HomeKit Switch comes in 1 gang, 2 gang and 4 gang layouts. It uses capacitive switches so you won’t need to worry about these switches wearing out. I really like the finish on these, they have a tempered glass design and they are available in both black and white.

These connect directly to a 2.4ghz Wifi network, so you won’t need a hub.

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Ctec Mirror Switch

The Ctec Mirror Switch is a homekit light switch that also works with Google Home and Alexa. This switch is unique in that it features an LCD display. The switch is customisable and can be either a 1, 2, 3 or 4 gang switch. It could also be used to control smart blinds. It can be setup in both horizontal and vertical positions.

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Philips Hue Switch

This Philips Hue switch doesn’t replace your existing light switches. Instead it can be mounted anywhere to control your Philips Hue smart lights or other HomeKit compatible smart lights. If you are using Philips Hue lights (which are my favourite HomeKit lights), then this is one of the best ways to control them.

Philips Hue Homekit Smart Switch

I use this dimmer switch in my home. Not only does it attach to the wall, the inner switch can be taken off the wall and used like a remote. This is great if you want a light switch you can use on the couch.

This Philips Hue Switch can turn lights on and off, be used as a dimmer and even set specific scenes.

The Philips Hue Switch is HomeKit compatible. This means you can set it up using the Home App on your device and configure the four buttons to control any HomeKit device in your home.

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Homesense Smart Switch

The Homesense Smart Switch is HomeKit compatible. It will replace an existing light switch to make it a smart light switch. So like the LIFX switch it will need to be installed by a licensed electrician.

The switches are available in White and Black and you can get options to control 1-4 different lights with each switch.

Thread HomeKit Light Switches

Eve recently announced a new Thread Light Switch that would also work with Matter. However there is no indication yet whether or not this product will be made available in Australia..

Products that Don’t Work in Australia

Unfortunately a lot of smart home products just aren’t made for Australia. I’ll keep this list updated with any Homekit Light Switch that comes out, but aren’t made for The Australian market.

P.S – I would be very cautious of importing any HomeKit wired product into Australia. The product might not meet Australian standards.

Eve Light Switch (120v)

The Eve light switch is a wired product and only works on 120v power. So it won’t work in Australia. This is a shame, because Eve is one of the few smart home companies that support Thread – a newer and faster way for smart devices to connect to each other.

P.S – If you don’t use Apple Devices, you probably won’t need a HomeKit Light Switch. Instead you can just use a Zigbee Light Switch or Wifi Light Switch depending on the smart lights you have.

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