Is The Mirabella Genio Star Projector Worth it?

The Mirabella Genio Star projector turns your room into a Galaxy. It’s a popular star projector that’s available in Australia from Kmart. But is it worth buying and are there better options available? I decided to pick one up and see if it’s worth the hype.

Which Mirabella Genio Star Projector Should you Buy?

Mirabella currently sells two different star projectors in Australia. Confusingly you can buy one from Target and the other from Kmart. The main difference between the two devices is one comes with a bluetooth speaker so you can use it to play music. Here are the two options:

Mirabella Genio Star Projector

mirabella genio star projector
  • Smart LED and Laser Projector – Two different projection methods to display stars and nebula effects. The effect is fixed but you can change colours.
  • Change Colours – You can change the colours via the app.
  • App Connected – Connects to your Phone via Wifi. Control the projector using your phone.

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Mirabella Genio Aurora Projector

Mirabella Genio Aurora Projector
  • Smart LED and Laser Projector – uses three different projectors to create galaxy effect.
  • Change Colours – You can change the colours of the galaxy via the app.
  • Bluetooth Speaker – Works as a bluetooth speaker and is sound sensitive. Lights will react to the music.
  • App Connected – Connects to your Phone via WiFi.

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Mirabella Genio Star Projector Pros

  • Cheap – Like all Mirabella Genio smart products, these are cheap entry level devices. These are great for a kids bedroom. While you can buy more expensive star projectors, if they are being used in a kids bedroom it’s hard to justify a more expensive option.
  • App Connected – These devices connect to the Mirabella Genio app. They can also be controlled by Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Pretty Good Galaxy Effect – I found the effect doesn’t match exactly to what’s on the box, it’s still a pretty good looking effect.

Mirabella Genio Star Projector Cons

  • Connection Issues – I’ve reviewed the Mirabella Genio bulbs here. I can’t use them in my apartment with my Google Mesh Wifi. These cheap bulbs don’t support the latest routers and unfortunately the star projectors suffer the same issues. These won’t work on all routers.
  • No Homekit Support – This device doesn’t work with Apple Home. Although you can download an app to your iPhone, you can’t control this smart device using Siri.

Should you Buy the Mirabella Genio Star Projector?

If you’re looking for a cheap star projector, then I think this is a great choice. The device may not work with modern routers, but you can still use the Aurora Projector Manually with the buttons. Many people will prefer this method over using an app. I think this is a good device for kids bedrooms. If you’re looking for a device with a remote, and additional features I would check out some of the alternatives:

The Best Alternatives

YunLone Aurora Galaxy Star Projector – The Most Feature Rich Alternative

The YunLone Star Projector is by far one of the most feature rich star projectors available. It has a remote, app control, bluetooth speaker, in built sounds and much more. It’s comparable in price to the mirabella genio star projector too.

  • Has Remote + App Control – If you’re having connection issues with the Mirabella Genio, this is a great option as it comes with a remote.
  • Built in Bluetooth Speaker – Play music through the projector
  • Built in Sounds – Built in calming sounds. Great if you want to use this star projector at night to get to sleep.
  • Changing Effects – Unlike the Mirabella Genio, The YunLone has a changing light effect. The Aurora lights will move like in real life and there are 48 different scenes.
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant – Control the star projector using your smart assistant.

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