Do you need a Nest Aware Subscription in Australia

Google Nest Doorbells and Google Nest Cameras will work without a Nest Aware subscription, but are they worth getting without it? Here’s my guide to the Nest Aware Subscription and whether or not you need it.

Does a Google Nest Doorbell or Camera Require a Subscription?

You don’t need to sign up to a Nest Aware Subscription to use the Nest Doorbell or Nest Camera. But without a subscription there are some features you won’t have access to.

Without a Nest Aware subscription, video clips of motion events are only stored for three hours. This means if an event happens during the middle of the night, there is a chance you won’t be able to see the footage in the morning without a subscription.

Nest Aware App and Motion Events
With a Nest Aware Subscription, Video Motion Events will be stored for longer than 3 hours

If you don’t have a Nest Aware subscription your Doorbell and Cameras will still work and for many people the extra features aren’t worth the added subscription cost.

Nest Aware Subscription Features

These are the features you’ll get when you subscribe to Nest Aware in Australia. There are two levels of subscription:

Nest Aware Features

  • 30 Days Event Video History (video clips of motion events are stored for 30 days)
  • Intelligent Alerts – Get alerts for familiar faces, smoke and carbon monoxide.

Nest Aware Plus Features

  • 60 Days Event Video History
  • 24/7 Video History – Google can store up to 10 days worth of 24/7 video footage.
  • Intelligent Alerts

The big difference between Nest Aware and Nest Aware Plus is the 24/7 video recording. If you want a complete history of video that is stored for 10 days, you do need to pay for the Plus plan.

How Much Does a Nest Aware Subscription Cost in Australia

The great thing about a Nest Aware Subscription is you don’t pay per camera or doorbell. There is just one subscription price for the whole house.

Here is the Nest Aware subscription pricing for Australia:

Update for 2023 – Google has increased the price of their Nest Aware Subscription in Australia. This is the first price increase since 2020. The monthly price has gone from $9 to $12 a month. If you’re looking for a video doorbell without subscriptions check out these.

PlanMonthly PriceYearly Price
Nest Aware$12$120
Nest Aware Plus$24$240

Is Nest Aware Available in Australia

Yes, Nest Aware is available in Australia. While we don’t get some of the Nest products in Australia, they do offer the subscription program here.

Nest Aware Frequently Asked Questions

How to Turn Off Nest Aware

You can cancel your Nest Aware Subscription from within the Google Home app or for the Google Store.

Is Google Nest Aware Private

Video recorded and stored in the cloud on Google Nest devices is not end to end encrypted and Google does not offer an option to turn this on. This means that if Google receives a warrant they may need to turn over video footage, even without your knowledge. If you’re looking for a private option I would use the Eufy Camera which stores footage locally and doesn’t need to be cloud based.

Nest Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to Nest Aware the closest subscription service is the Ring Protect Subscription. The downside though is Ring doesn’t have an option to record 24/7 video.

If you’re looking for a smart doorbell camera or smart camera that works like the Nest but doesn’t require a subscription I would use the Eufy Camera. The Eufy has a home base that records video locally and there are no ongoing subscriptions. And unlike the Nest camera, it also works with Apple HomeKit. You can find more of the best video doorbells without subscriptions here.

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