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Aqara G4 Doorbell Review

Aqara G4 Video Doorbell Camera

The Aqara G4 Video Doorbell has recently launched in Australia. It is one of the only HomeKit compatible video doorbells currently on the market. I tested out the doorbell to see how it performed. Here is my Aqara G4 review:…

The Best Ring Doorbell Alternatives

The Best Ring Alternatives in Australia

The Ring Doorbell is one of the most popular video doorbells in Australia. But there are also some great alternatives that offer different features. Here are the best Ring Doorbell alternatives available in Australia in 2023: Ring Doorbell Alternatives in…

Is the Ring Doorbell Worth Getting?

Ring Doorbell

The Ring Doorbell is one of the most popular smart video doorbells available in Australia. But is it worth getting and are there better options available in 2023? Pros of the Ring Doorbell Cheap Amazon continues to sell multiple generations…

Does Netatmo Work with HomeKit Secure Video

Netatmo HomeKit Secure Video

Netatmo offer some of the best HomeKit enabled smart cameras and doorbells. I’ve always liked their doorbells as they are one of the few smart video doorbells that don’t require subscriptions. Here’s the latest status of HomeKit Secure Video support…