The Best HomeKit Motion Sensors: Australian Guide

A HomeKit Motion sensor can be used to turn on lights when motion is detected, or just as a security device. These smart motion sensors can be added to the Apple Home app and can interact with other HomeKit devices like homekit smart lights. You can setup to receive notifications from Apple Home if motion is detected or trigger a scene or automation.

The Best HomeKit Motion Sensors

While there are more HomeKit motion sensors, I’ve only chosen to include 3 on this list. I’ve not included sensors which had consistent connection issues or had slow response times.

Eve Motion Sensor

Eve HomeKit Motion Sensor

The Eve Motion sensor works on Thread and Bluetooth. It has a 120 degree field of view and can detect motion up to 9 meters away. It can also be used both indoors and outdoors.

Thread is the next-gen mesh networking technology that we’ll see more and more of in the future. To use Thread you’ll need a Thread Border Router. This could be an HomePod, Apple TV or certain routers. Basically a border router replaces the traditional “hub” that other systems use.

The Eve Motion sensor was a little slower to react compared to both the Aqara and Hue motion sensors, but it still felt responsive and fast.

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Hue Motion Sensor

Hue Motion Sensor

If you have any Hue lights, the best HomeKit Motion Sensor for you is the Hue Motion Sensor. The Hue Motion Sensor uses Zigbee which is fast and reliable.

In terms of response and detection the Hue Motion sensor has performed the best out of all sensors. You will need the Hue bridge to get the most out of the sensor. Unlike the Eve Sensor this can’t be used outdoors, but Hue does sell a seperate outdoor motion sensor.

The Hue Sensor can be used with the Hue App or with HomeKit and the Apple Home App.

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Aqara Motion Sensor

Aqara Motion Sensor for HomeKit

The Aqara Motion sensor is a Zigbee motion sensor and is compatible with HomeKit. The big downside of this sensor is it requires the Aqara hub. Aqara makes a range of HomeKit compatible sensors and smart devices. So if you’re looking to add multiple Aqara products to your home, this sensor is definitely well worth it.

While the Aqara Motion Sensor may work with other zigbee hubs, I would do some research first as Zigbee devices aren’t cross compatible with all Zigbee hubs.

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Which HomeKit Motion Sensor Should I buy?

If you own a Hue Bridge…

Go with the Hue Motion Sensor. It was the best motion sensor I tried but it does require the Hue Bridge.

If you have an Aqara Hub…

The Aqara Motion sensor only makes sense if you have the Aqara hub and plan to use multiple Aqara devices.

If you own an Apple TV, HomePod or other Thread Border Router…

Get the Eve Motion Sensor. There are more and more Thread compatible border routers available.

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