The Best HomeKit Accessories: 2023 Australian Guide

Here are some of the best HomeKit Accessories available in Australia for 2023. In 2023 there is a huge range of HomeKit devices but the ones I’ve included here are the accessories I actually use in my own home.

2023 is also an exciting year for smart home tech thanks to the introduction of Matter. Matter is an open source standard that any platform can integrate. Apple has already integrated Matter. So if you see a device that supports Matter, it should also work in HomeKit. This means a lot more devices will work with HomeKit going forward.

The Best HomeKit Devices for 2023

Philips Hue Lights

Hue Smart Lights Starter Kit

Smart Lights are usually the first piece of “smart” tech that people add to their home. They were the first smart accessory I bought too. I’ve tested a lot of different smart bulbs but I’ve always come back to using Hue bulbs.

I use Philips hue as the main lighting in my apartment. I’ve been using these bulbs for the last 5 years and have found them to be super reliable. I’m still using the same original bulbs and light strips. They have so far lasted close to a decade without any failures.

Hue bulbs work great with HomeKit. You will need the Philips Hue Bridge to get the most out of your smart lights.

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Philips Hue Button

Philips Hue Button wireless light switch

The nifty Philips Hue Button is a smart light switch that can be used to control your Philips Hue bulbs as well as other HomeKit devices. It can be setup to turn on individual lights or scenes with multiples lights and accessories.

The great thing about this little button is it can be stuck pretty much everywhere. It’s great for putting next to your bed or in easy reach of the couch. Or you could place one by the door so you can turn off every Homekit device in your smart home on the way out.

A smart HomeKit button will save you from having to open up your phone to control your lights.

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Apple HomePod 2nd Generation

Apple has launched a new HomePod for 2023. The HomePod and the HomePod mini are the best Homekit accessories to control your smart home using your voice. The HomePod is also one of the best smart speakers. It certainly sounds better than all the options available from Google or Alexa. If you enjoy listening to music that doesn’t sound like it’s coming out of a tin can, the HomePod is for you.

The HomePod and HomePod mini also act as Thread Border Routers. If you have Thread devices like the Nanoleaf Essential Bulbs, the HomePod will act as a hub. This is a better option than using Wifi smart lights which connect directly to the router. I find these are less reliable and most don’t support HomeKit.

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Eve Room Temperature Sensor

Eve Room Temperature HomeKit Accessory

If you’re after a HomeKit temperature sensor, the one I recommend is the Eve Room. The Eve Room also has a fairly accurate air quality sensor. I like the Eve Room as it has a built in e-ink display. This means you can see the temperature, air quality and humidity with just a glance.

With a HomeKit temperature sensor you can also automate other appliances. For example you could automatically switch on a smart plug with a heater attached when the temperature drops below a certain level.

More and more people are also starting to realise how important air quality is. The Eve Room can show you how the air quality changes in your house and improving it could be as simple as opening a window.

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Phillips Hue Indoor Motion Sensor

Hue Motion Sensor with HomeKit

A smart motion sensor is great for automating your smart lights. Philips sells both indoor and outdoor motion sensors. The great thing about these sensors is you can place them anywhere to maximise convenience. They are wireless and fast. Using HomeKit or the Philips Hue app you can setup automations to only activate lights at certain times and at various brightness levels.

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Aqara Roller Shade Driver

Aqara Smart Blinds Roller Shade Driver

There isn’t a huge range of Homekit smart blinds in Australia. But there have been a few new options launched over the past 12 months.

My current smart blind of choice for upgrading existing blinds is the Aqara Roller Shade driver. If you’re forever forgetting to put down the blinds before leaving the house, then this will definitely be well worth it. It’s also really handy if you have a number of blinds as you can ask HomeKit to open or close all the blinds at once.

I also use the Luxaflex Powerview smart blinds which also work with HomeKit. This is a good option if you’re putting completely new blinds in. They are expensive but I’ve found the HomeKit integration to work quite well.

Eve has also launched an upgrade kit for existing blinds, however I haven’t been able to find this in Australia. I’ll update this page when the Eve Motionblinds Upgrade Kit is available in Australia.

Ikea Smart Blinds

If you’re looking for a cheaper blind that is smart and you have standard sized windows, Ikea makes a range of Smart Blinds that work with HomeKit. You will also need the DIRIGERA hub which will let you control the blinds using the Ikea Home Smart App as well as adding the blinds to HomeKit. The DIRIGERA hub is also matter ready so it’s future ready.

Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller

Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller

The Eve Aqua will allow you to control your tap from Apple Home. You can setup automations with schedules and you can control the Aqua remotely. You will need a hub like the HomePod or Apple TV if you want to control the Aqua when you’re away from the house. The Eve Aqua is thread enabled.

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Meross HomeKit Garage Door Opener

Meross smart garage door opener

If you have an automatic garage door you can make it smart by simply adding the Meross HomeKit Garage Door Opener.

It doesn’t require a hub, and if your garage door is compatible, setup is really easy.

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Eve Energy Smart Plug

Eve Energy HomeKit Smart Plug

One of the easiest ways to make existing appliances and lamps smart is to use a smart plug. The Eve Energy is both a smart plug and power meter. The Eve Energy is Thread Enabled, so as long as you have a HomePod or AppleTV (or other thread border router) these can controlled remotely.

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Meross Smart Plug

Meross Homekit smart plugs

A cheaper alternative to the Eve Energy are the Meross Smart Plugs which work great with HomeKit. Meross makes two types so make sure you get the one that supports HomeKit. These smart plugs connect directly to the Wifi so there is no need for a hub.

Smart plugs are great for controlling appliances like a heater or lamp. They’re also great it you want a more convenient way to turn off appliances at the power.

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LIFX Light Switch

LIFX smart homekit light switch

If you have existing downlights, replacing them all with smart bulbs can be quite costly. And if you do replace your existing bulbs, you won’t be able to use the existing light switches (smart lights need to have the power on). The best solution is to install a smart light switch. This will turn your existing downlights into smart lights.

The LIFX switch is one of the best homekit smart light switches. It will turn your existing lights into smart lights. But it can also dim LIFX lights.

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Apple TV

Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV can act as a Home Hub like the HomePods. When you’re away from home, you’ll still be able to control your HomeKit devices through the Home app if you have hub like the Apple TV or HomePod. This is super useful if you’re away on vacation and need to controls devices such as a smart sprinkler or putting down the blinds.

If you have automations setup (such as turning off the lights at a certain time) these can run automatically with a hub like the Apple TV without you needing to be home.

Of course the Apple TV is also a great streaming device. I’ve used the Chromecast, Fire TV and FetchBox and I prefer the interface of the Apple TV.

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Eufy Pan and Tilt

Eufy Pan and Tilt

If you’re looking for a smart camera that supports HomeKit, the Eufy range is the way to go. The Eufy Indoor Cameras work with HomeKit Secure Video. This means your camera feeds will appear in the Apple Home app and you can setup features like turning off the cameras when family members are home. The Eufy Pan and Tilt is my pick of the indoor cameras as it makes a great smart pet camera (it can automatically track motion).

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Eve Door and Window Sensor

Eve Door and Window Security Sensor

The Eve Door and Window sensor is a Thread and HomeKit enabled smart security sensor. These can be used to get alerts when the door or window are opened, Or to control other appliances like turning off the air con when you open the door.

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Sensibo Air

Sensibo Air smart air conditioning controller

The Sensibo Air will add your Air Conditioner to HomeKit. This smart air conditioner controller will allow you to turn on and off and change the temperature of an Air Conditioner. It works by replacing your exisiting IR remote control.

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Why Choose HomeKit Devices

If you use Apple Devices then you’ll be best served by HomeKit accessories. HomeKit is deeply integrated into the Apple Ecosystem.

One of my big pet peeves with using Alexa and Google Home devices, is that most require you to create seperate user accounts and use their apps. You can’t just add most devices to Google Home like you can with HomeKit. HomeKit devices don’t need third party apps to work. You can add them through the Apple Home app and then they will work across all your devices.

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