The Best Netatmo Products Available in Australia

Netatmo is a popular brand of smart home accessories. Not all Netatmo accessories are available in Australia, so I put together a list of what you’ll be able to easily find in Australian stores.

Netatmo devices work great with HomeKit (Apple Devices) and Siri and they support features like HomeKit Secure Video. Some devices will also work with Alexa voice control and Google Home.

Netatmo Urban Weather Station

The Netatmo urban weather station lets you monitor the temperature both inside and outside your house. Netatmo works with HomeKit, so you can also use the weather station as part of more complex routines (for example turn the air conditioner on if the temperature goes above X). It’s also perfect for getting a more accurate idea of what the current weather is like.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera

As well as temperature and air quality, there is also a humidity meter, sound meter and CO2 warning system. The outdoor weather station will tell you the barometric pressure (great for predicting rain).

The weather station comes with two modules one for indoor and one for outdoors.

Netatmo Rain Gauge

The Netatmo Weather Rain Gauge is a digital rain gauge. The old fashioned rain gauges required you to check the level after each rain event to see how much it had rained. With the Netatmo Rain Gauge you don’t need to worry about constantly checking and emptying any gauge.

Netatmo Rain Gauge

If you have a smart watering system then this rain gauge could be a huge money saver for you. You won’t have to rely on pretty inaccurate city level rain reports. Instead you can see if it is actually raining where you live.

The Netatmo Rain Gauge can also be setup to send you alerts as soon as it starts raining. Perfect if you’ve got clothes drying outside!

Netatmo Wind Gauge

Complete your home weather station setup with a Netatmo Wind Gauge. This will give you real time wind speed straight to your phone. You can setup the app to send you a notification in the event of high winds.

Netatmo Wind Gauge

Netatmo Smart Door and Window Sensor

If you’re looking for a HomeKit door or window sensor, then the Netatmo is a great option. The sensor will let you setup your own smart security system or it can be used to trigger and control other smart devices.

Netatmo Window Sensor

For example I’ve setup my Netatmo window sensor to turn off my HomeKit enabled air purifier. Because there is no point in having it on when the windows are open, and I was forgetting to turn it off. Now I don’t need to worry. You could also set it up to turn off an air conditioner or other similar appliance.

For security you can receive alerts straight to your mobile phone before a break in even happens! They can detect signs of forced entry to save you valuable time. You’ll also be able to see if any doors or windows have been left open! No need to worry when you’re away on holidays.

What I like best about these sensors is the installation. There is just one piece of hardware that sticks onto your door or window frame. No complicated setups and no wires involved. The sensors do require the Netatmo smart indoor camera. It works as the hub.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera

The Netatmo smart indoor camera is one of the best HomeKit enabled security cameras. The Netatmo indoor camera has face recognition – a feature which other indoor cameras lack. This gives you a world of new features. You can receive alerts when your kids arrive home and receive a notification if an intruder is detected. The camera also has a pet detection feature so you can receive alerts specifically when your pet is detected. Best of all though, the camera can be setup to not record any loved ones. This means that loved ones and familiar faces can relax without the fear of being recorded in their own home.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera

There are no subscription fees to use the Netatmo indoor camera. It supports HomeKit secure video. If you pay for iCloud on Apple Devices, you’ll get access to unlimited video storage for free. But the camera can also record locally to an SD card.

Netatmo Outdoor Camera and Light

Upgrade your annoying sensor light with something much smarter! The camera and light has built in people, car and pet detection. You can receive real time alerts when there is an unrecognised person or vehicle on your property. There is also an alarm that can be triggered to deter any intruder.

Netatmo Doorbell – Hard to Find in Australia

Unfortunately the Netatmo doorbell is hard to find in Australia. I’ve found that most retailers don’t currently stock it. I’m not sure what the reasoning behind this is.

If you are looking to get it, you can buy the Netatmo Doorbell on Amazon in Australia. It gets imported from the U.K.

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