The Best Smart Air Conditioner Controllers in Australia

A Smart Air Conditioner Controller will let you control and automate your air conditioning unit using your phone or voice assistant. These devices are similar to smart thermostats expect they replace the traditional IR remote for homes that use split system air conditioners.

Smart Air Conditioner Controllers That Work in Australia

There are a couple of different options available and these are the best smart air conditioner controllers currently available:


The Sensibo Air Smart Air Conditioner Controller

Sensibo sells a range of smart air conditioner controllers that work well with pretty much all Australian air conditioning units. The Sensibo range works with Google Home and Alexa and the Sensibo Air and Pro also work with Apple HomeKit.

I found the installation process with the Sensibo to be the easiest although like all of these products it really depends on what air conditioner you have. I tested it with a Toshiba unit.

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Tado smart air conditioner controller

The Tado is a great smart air conditioner controller that also features a touch interface. The Sensibo can only be operated using your smart phone (or voice assistant) where as you can Turn your air con on and off and adjust the temperate using the buttons on the Tado.

The Tado also has a nifty Open Window feature. This detects the change in temperature that occurs when you open a window and switches off the air con.

Tado supports Apple Homekit, Google home and Alexa.

Unlike the Sensibo, if you don’t want to mount the Tado to the wall, you can buy a stand for the Tado. This is great if you’re renting or don’t like a cord hanging down your wall.

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Can I make my Air Conditioner Smart?

Both the Sensibo and Tado work with most air conditioning units that are sold in Australia. They replace the IR remote and basically act as the remote. Once connected you’ll be able to control your Air Conditioner using your phone.

Why Get a Smart Air Conditioner Controller?

  • Remote Control – If you’ve ever forgotten to turn off the Air Con before going out this feature could end up saving you a lot of money! The smart controllers can also be setup to automatically switch off the air con when nobody is home.
  • Voice Control – You’ll be able to turn on and off the air con using just your voice. e.g “Hey Siri turn on the air conditioner”.
  • Automate Your Air Conditioner – You can setup your air conditioner to automatically switch on and start cooling when the temperature reaches a certain threshold.
  • App Control – My existing Toshiba air conditioner remote is awful. You have to be standing about 1 meter in front of the device for it to register. Using the Tado (or sensibo) I can control the air con from my phone no matter where I am.
  • More Accurate Temperature – The smart controllers have built in temperature sensors. and you’ll be able to see this temp from your phone.

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