The Best Thread Border Routers in Australia

Thread is a new mesh networking standard for smart home devices. Instead of needing a hub, Thread compatible devices need a Thread Border Router. And the good news is that many smart home devices are also Thread border routers, so you don’t need to buy a seperate hub or bridge.

Why Thread?

Smart bulbs like the LIFX use Wifi to connect directly to your router. If your router is far away from your smart device, the connection is going to be poor and you’ll have reliability issues. Also, having many smart devices all connected to your router over Wifi isn’t an ideal setup and you could end up with congestion issues.

Thread solves these issues by creating a mesh network. Your Thread devices are able to connect to each other. This creates a more reliable connection and Thread is generally faster to respond. Thread devices also use less energy.

But the best thing about Thread is you don’t need a proprietary hub. You might already have a Thread border router in your house which is all you need to start using Thread devices.

Thread is relatively new, but there is a growing list of new devices. Check out these Thread Compatible Smart Lights.

Full List of Thread Border Routers

  • Apple TV 4k
  • Eero 6
  • Eero 6 Pro
  • Eero Beacon
  • Apple HomePod Mini
  • Apple HomePod (2nd Gen)
  • Amazon Echo (4th Gen)
  • Nest Hub (2nd Gen)
  • Nest Hub Max
  • Nest Wifi
  • Nanoleaf Lines
  • Nanoleaf Shapes
  • Nanoleaf Elements

The Best Thread Border Routers Available in Australia

Eero 6

Eero 6 routers are thread compatible

The Eero 6 is one of my favourite Mesh Routers. If you currently have poor wifi, then switching to a mesh system could fix many of your issues. Instead of 1 router, you place these mini routers around your house to blanket your entire place with fast wifi. I use mesh wifi in my apartment and it’s leagues better than a single router setup.

The Eero 6 also works as a Thread Border Router and a Zigbee hub!

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Apple HomePod Mini

Apple HomePod mini has a Thread Border Router

The HomePod mini is Apple’s answer to a smart speaker. These HomePod mini also doubles as a Thread Border Router. Of course you’ll also be able to use Siri and the HomePod mini to control your smart thread devices with your voice. The HomePod mini is also one of the best sounding smart speakers and competes (and often outcompetes) with the more “pro” smart speakers from Google and Amazon.

Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub

The Nest Hub (2nd Gen) includes a Thread Border Router. If you use Google Home to with your smart devices, then the Nest Hub is a great way to control your smart home. It also works as en entertainment screen and smart speaker.

The Least Expensive Thread Border Router

Currently the two least expensive thread border routers in Australia are the Amazon Echo and The HomePod mini. They are both priced at $149 in Australia.

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