The Best Thread Enabled Smart Bulbs: Australian Guide

Thread is a mesh networking protocol for smart home products that has been gaining momentum over the last couple of years. Ever since Apple announced support for Thread, more and more Thread enabled devices are launching. Currently there isn’t a huge range of thread smart bulbs and smart lights available in Australia. But we’re keeping this page updated with the latest releases.

What is Thread

Thread is a low powered mesh networking protocol. While there are a couple of established protocols that work in a similar way such as Zigbee, Thread doesn’t need a hub. All it requires is a border router. If you own an Apple TV (latest generation) or HomePod mini, you already have a Thread Border Router. This will connect to your Thread mesh network. Any device that supports Thread will be able to connect to each other and to your border router.

Because Thread is a mesh network it is much more reliable than using devices that connect directly to Wifi. For example, Mirabella Genio Smart Bulbs connect straight to your Wifi. In our testing we found they constantly disconnected and became unavailable. Thread is self-healing and because devices can communicate in a mesh, you will have fewer range issues (if any at all). Thread is super fast, much faster than communicating with smart products over traditional Wifi. Lights will turn on and off instantly.

Thread Smart Bulbs in Australia

Currently the only major smart bulb available in Australia that supports Thread is the Nanoleaf essentials bulb. Nanoleaf sells a range of bulbs, panels and LED strips which all have Thread Support. There are currently no smart outdoor lights, or GU10 bulbs that support Thread.

We’ll keep this list updated with the latest Thread Smart Lights that become available in the Australian market.

Smart Light BrandThread Support
Philips HueNo (Matter support in the future)

Nanoleaf Essentials Thread Smart Light

Nanoleaf Essentials Thread Enabled Smart Bulb
Fitting TypesE27 (Edison), B22 (Bayonet)
ColoursWhite and Colour
PriceCheck Price

Nanoleaf are well known for there super cool light panels that stick onto your wall. But they also make an excellent range of smart bulbs under the “Essentials” branding. The Nanoleaf Essentials Bulb is the first thread enabled bulb available in Australia. This means you don’t need a hub to use it. You just need a Thread Border Router (Apple TV, HomePod mini, Echo Speaker etc). It will also work directly from your phone.

While these bulbs don’t quite have the colour brightness that Philips Hue has, they are still one of the best performing smart bulbs.

Other Lights and Thread

Philips Hue and Thread

Philips Hue will support Thread for it’s Bridge but not for the individual bulbs. This was announced in 2021. Philips Hue run on the Zigbee standard which is a competing protocol. As Thread becomes more and more popular with the backing of companies like Apple and Amazon, I imagine this might change.

LIFX Thread Support

LIFX has given no indication that they will support Thread. LIFX bulbs run over Wifi and it’s not clear whether they have the hardware required to support Thread. I’ve found LIFX bulbs to be slightly unreliable so it’s a shame that they haven’t shown support for Thread, especially as they don’t have a hub or bridge.

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