The Best Smart Lock with Video: Australian Guide

If you’re looking to combine a smart lock with a smart doorbell camera, there aren’t a whole lot of options currently available in Australia. The good news is that there is one really good Smart Lock with Camera available from Eufy.

Eufy Smart Lock with Video

Eufy Security Video Smart Lock

Eufy make’s both smart locks and smart cameras and they’ve combined both of these into the Eufy Video Smart Lock.

The Eufy will record video locally. It doesn’t need the Eufy Homebase, instead video is recorded to the included “chime”. This acts as the doorbell chime as well as the hard drive to store video. The Eufy video lock works over Wifi and is battery powered.

Eufy Video Smart Lock Unlocking using a fingerprint


  • Multiple Unlock Methods – The smart lock can be unlocked using Biometrics (fingerprint) as well as a PIN code.
  • Doorbell – The smart video doorbell will record video and also alert you when someone is at the door.
  • No Subscriptions – Unlike video doorbells such as the Ring and Nest, there are no ongoing subscription fees.
  • Combine a Smart Lock + Doorbell Camera – No need for multiple products. If you’re door allows this type of lock, you could end up saving money.


  • Pricey – The Eufy Video Smart Lock is a pricey product. You are paying for multiple products in one but it is a still a premium price.
  • Doorbell Location Might Confuse People – Doorbell buttons aren’t usually placed on the door itself. This might cause confusion when people visit. However the doorbell button is quite big and clearly marked.

Is it worth getting the Eufy Video Smart Lock?

Eufy has a pretty good reputation when it comes to video doorbells and smart locks. So it makes sense for them to combine the two. I’ve also found Eufy’s video features to work well and the video quality has always been top notch.

Some people have noticed delays in accessing video feeds which is a common problem across video doorbells. Eufy Cameras are very responsive compared to many others but if you are experiencing problems it’s usually down to a weaker Wifi signal and can be helped with a wifi extender.

I’ve tested the Eufy Duel video doorbell extensively and it’s one of my favourite smart video doorbells. I expect the Video Smart Lock to perform just as well.

In terms of build quality, the Eufy Smart Locks are well built and rated to withstand the elements.

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