Is it Worth Getting an August Smart Lock in Australia

The August Smart Lock isn’t widely available in Australia. While the August Lock will work, there are a few reasons why I wouldn’t add this particular smart lock to my home in Australia. There are better smart locks that work in Australia.

August Smart Lock in Australia

Does the August Smart Lock Work in Australia

The August Smart Lock is battery powered. Unlike many smart devices from overseas that run on 120v mains power, the August runs off 4 AA batteries. Although door designs and lock systems tend to also vary from country to country, the August Lock works on doors that have an existing single cylinder deadbolt. This page has more details on lock compatibility.

Can you Buy the August Smart Lock in Australia

The August Lock can be purchased on Amazon in Australia. It will get shipped from overseas. In the past there were a couple of Australian retailers who carried the August Lock, but currently no major stores sell it.

Should You Buy the August Smart Lock in Australia

I don’t think you should buy the August Smart Lock. Here’s why I think it’s best to go with one of the alternative Smart Locks that are available in Australia:

If it doesn’t Work you’ll Need to Return it to the U.S

In my experience Smart Locks tend to be a bit hit and miss. I’ve found they don’t always work on all doors, even if they are supposed to be compatible. So if you get the August Smart Lock and find it doesn’t work on your door, you will need to return it to the U.S. This can be both difficult and expensive.

Limited Customer Support

August doesn’t have any local support. While there are many smart home products that have awful support, I’d rather go with a brand that at least has a number in Australia you can call.

No Alexa Skill

Alexa Skills don’t always work in all countries. When I last tested the August Lock the Alexa skill was not available in Australia. This means you won’t be able to use Alexa to lock or unlock your door. This is really handy for automations and scenes (i.e Closing Smart Blinds and Locking Doors at night in one go)

The August Lock should work with Google Home and HomeKit in Australia. I’ve checked the app stores and the August App is available from the Australian App Stores.

Best August Smart Lock Alternatives in Australia

If you’re looking to add a smart lock to your home, I would recommend going with the Yale Assure. It’s widely available in Australia and works on most doors. While the installation will be more complex than the August Smart Lock, the Yale Assure will provide a better overall experience:

Yale Assure SL – Best August Lock Alternative

Yale Smart Lock

The Yale Assure SL is made for the Australian market. It’s also one of the few Apple HomeKit compatible locks that is available in Australia. The lock can also work with Zigbee and Z-Wave.

  • Keyed and Pin Code Options – You can buy an Assure lock in either a keyed or pin code setup. If the lock doesn’t unlock using your phone, you’ll still be able to gain access.
  • Requires Yale Access Module – To connect the lock to your smart home, you’ll need the Yale Access Module. This installs on the back of the lock and includes a bridge which connects to HomeKit and other smart home platforms. Apple sells this lock with the access module included. So it will work with HomeKit out of the box.
  • Built for Australian Homes – The locks are designed for Australian doors. And unlike the August, these locks can be bought in Australia.

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