The Best HomeKit Garage Door Opener: Australian Guide

A HomeKit enabled garage door opener will you give the security and convenience of being able to control your door using a smartphone or other Apple device. Being able to remotely view the state of your garage door you’ll never again need to worry about whether you remember to close it.

There isn’t a huge range of HomeKit garage door openers available in Australia but there are a couple of great options.

The Best HomeKit Garage Door Openers

These are the best HomeKit garage door openers that are available in Australia:

Meross Garage Door Opener – My Pick

Meross homekit garage door opener

My top pick is the Meross Garage Door Opener. It can be installed on most existing automatic garage doors. In operation, I’ve found it to be very reliable with a consistent connection. It’s one of the easiest ways to add automation to an existing garage door. And in most cases it’s going to be much cheaper than some of the “smart” add-on systems offered by the manufacturers.

The Meross garage door opener works great with HomeKit and it also supports Google Home and Alexa. It’s a Wifi based system and no hub is required. Although I often find that Wifi smart devices have connection issues the way Meross has done the antenna seems to ensure a very stable connection and I haven’t had any issues.

To check if your garage door is compatible, visit this page and then select your garage door brand and model from the drop down.

Find out More about the Meross Garage Door Opener


iSmart HomeKit Garage Door Opener

The other smart garage door opener available in Australia that is HomeKit compatible is the iSmartGate. iSmartGate claims their opener is universal and works with all garage door openers.

The main reason why I don’t recommend the iSmartGate over the Meross option is the price. Depending on where you get it, it can be over 3 times the price. I do like the design of the device and it does come in a variety of configurations with different features. The opener can also be used on gates.

Other Smart Garage Door Options in Australia

Unfortunately many of the garage door manufactures haven’t brought their smart opener products to Australia. And many of these systems don’t support smart home systems like HomeKit and Google Home and instead rely on using a seperate app.

I’m currently testing out the Athom smart garage door opener which is another possible alternative. Let me know what your experience has been. At the moment, I think the best HomeKit option is the Meross which works well and is reasonably priced.

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