Is the Ring Doorbell Worth Getting?

The Ring Doorbell is one of the most popular smart video doorbells available in Australia. But is it worth getting and are there better options available in 2023?

Ring Video Doorbell 4 with Ring Chime
  • Battery, wired or Solar Installation
  • Easy to Use App
  • Works well with other Amazon Products
  • Requires a subscription to access some features
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Pros of the Ring Doorbell

Ring Doorbell


Amazon continues to sell multiple generations of the Ring Doorbell. While the latest generations are quite expensive, you can pick up earlier generations for around $150. This makes it one of the most affordable smart video doorbells available in Australia.

Easy Setup

The Ring Doorbell can be installed by pretty much anyone. It requires no tech skills. I’ve found the Ring App easy to use.

Ring Doorbells can be both Hardwired or Battery Powered. This means you have a choice of installation options and there is a wide range of mounting options, even for renters.


Ring Doorbells are known to be reliable. It’s the most popular video doorbell available and has been around for many years. The Ring Doorbell should just work, and if you do run into any issues I’ve found troubleshooting to be pretty straightforward.

The latest versions of the Ring Doorbell come with Dual Band Wifi. If you’ve had issues in the past with unreliable video feeds, this should make things more reliable and as the doorbell can route around congestion on your network by switching bands.

Integration with Alexa

The Ring integrates with other Amazon smart devices. It will work with the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Show so that the chime can come through those devices. The Echo Show will also display the live video feed when someone rings the doorbell.

Of course the Ring Camera will also work with both iPhones and Android devices.

Cons of the Ring Doorbell

Ongoing Subscription

While you don’t need a ring subscription to use the Ring Doorbell, if you want to record video you need to pay for Ring Protect. Without a subscription your doorbell will still ring and you’ll receive notifications on your phone. You’ll also be able to see a live stream of who’s at your door. However that video doesn’t get recorded.

There are video doorbells that don’t require a subscription if you want to record video but don’t want another monthly subscription.

Smart Home Support

Like pretty all smart doorbells, the Ring doesn’t support smart home systems like HomeKit or Google Home. This is mainly because Amazon wants you to pay for the Ring Protect subscription. Google Does the same thing with their Nest Doorbells. Ring will still work on your iOS and Android devices, just not through the native smart home apps.

Is the Ring Doorbell Unreliable?

I’ve found that the Ring Doorbell is one of the most reliable smart doorbells. When troubleshooting Ring doorbells I’ve found most issues are caused by a poor wifi signal. Streaming video requires a strong internet connection. Due to the Ring doorbell having to be placed outside where the connection is going to be weakest, it could just be an issue of boosting your wifi signal.

If you are finding your Ring is slow to load video or is dropping connection I would try a Wifi extender. The Ring Chime doubles as a wifi extender as well.

Is the Ring Doorbell Worth it?

If you’re looking for a smart video doorbell that will just work then the Ring is a great option. It’s very competitively priced and I’ve found it to be pretty much bug free. The Ring App is also well designed and easy to use. Because the Ring is so popular, there is also a large range of third party accessories for mounting and protecting the doorbell.

If you’re looking for a video doorbell that has all the features of the Ring but you don’t want to pay for a subscription I would go with the Eufy. It’s a little more expensive upfront but you’ll save money in the long run.

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