Does the Level Lock Plus work in Australia

The Level Lock Plus is a new HomeKit compatible smart lock that also works with Apple Home Key. It has just recently launched in Apple Stores. Here’s the latest info on where to buy the Level Lock Plus in Australia and how to get it working.

Will the Level Lock Plus work in Australia?

The Level Lock Plus is designed to work with existing deadbolts. It will fit many of the deadbolts that are sold in Australia and used on Australian doors. However most modern houses and apartments in Australia don’t use a deadbolt lock. So it really depends on what existing lock you have on your door.

The Level Lock Plus is powered by a standard battery. There is no hard wiring so you don’t need to worry about U.S power differences.

Finally Apple Home Key is supported in Australia. I can confirm that you can add Home Keys to Australian iPhones and it does work without any issues.

The Level Home app is available in the Australian App Store and I can confirm you can successfully setup a Level Lock in Australia.

Where to buy the Level Lock Plus in Australia

Currently the Level Lock Plus is only being sold in America and it’s currently only being sold in U.S Apple Stores. It’s not even available for sale from the Level website. I expect that given time it will become available from more places and you’ll be able to purchase it online. Level were unable to confirm if they are planning to bring the Level Lock to Australia.

If you are importing the device from the U.S remember that if it doesn’t work on your lock, you will need to ship it back which could be quite expensive.

What’s the Advantage of Apple Home Key

With Apple Home Keys you can unlock your door by simply placing your device near a Home Key compatible lock. You can optionally turn on a feature to require Face ID or passcode, but for most people it’ll be most convenient to leave this off.

You can also use your Apple Watch to unlock a Home Key Lock. This means you can leave the house with nothing but your Watch!

I think one of the biggest advantages of the Home Key system is how easy it is to share keys. Keys can automatically be shared to all members of your family. You can setup a “Family” on any Apple device which will automatically share things like your smart devices and keys. But you can also give keys to other people. Keys can be shared with people like Housesitters or relatives and you can easily control access.

But the biggest advantage is convenience. You don’t need to install any extra apps. Just hold your phone near the lock.

Best Level Lock Plus Alternatives Available in Australia

While the Level Lock Plus is the first Apple Home Key lock for U.S customers, the good news is that Australians can already buy another Home Key, the Aqara A100 and the although the Level Lock Touch doesn’t have Home Key, it’s still a great smart lock.

Level Lock Touch

The Level Lock Touch is pretty much identical to the Level Lock Plus apart from Home Key support. So if Home Key isn’t something you think you’ll use a lot of, then the Level Lock Touch is available now in Australia.

The Level Lock Touch does work with HomeKit

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Aqara A100 Zigbee

Aqara A100 Zigbee

The Aqara A100 is Mortice style lock that supports Apple Home Key and Apple HomeKit. The great thing about this lock is there are 9 different ways to unlock it! This means that if you forget your Phone or Watch you can always unlock it with a passcode. It also works with Google Home and even mechanical keys. This is a great future proof option for a smart lock.

This style of lock is also better suited to Australian homes which these days tend to feature Mortice style locks.

The Aqara A100 is currently available from JBHiFi as well as a number of other electronics stores. Just make sure you get the Zigbee model as it’s the one that support Apple Home Key.

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