The Best Ring Doorbell Accessories in Australia

The Ring Camera and Ring Doorbell are two of the most popular smart home accessories in Australia. And because they are so popular there is also a great ecosystem of products that work well Ring devices. Here are the best Ring Doorbell Accessories available in Australia:

Ring Chime Pro

Ring Chime Pro for Ring Doorbells

The Ring Chime Pro connects to your Ring Doorbells and Cameras to provide notification noises. You can receive an alert noise when someone presses on your doorbell or a camera detects motion.

The Ring Chime Pro also has another great feature – it extends your Wifi signal. Because your doorbell and cameras are placed outside, making sure they have a reliable Wifi signal can be an issue. The Chime Pro will boost your wifi signal to eliminate dead spots.

The Chime Pro has adjustable chimes and volume so you’ll never miss when someone is at the door!

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Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show works with Ring Doorbells and Cameras

The Echo Show is a smart home hub that integrates perfectly with Ring Devices. You’ll be able to answer the door from your hub, speak to whoever is at the door, view camera live feeds and view recent motion clips. The hub can also be used to display chime notifications.

You will need a Ring Protect Subscription to view recordings. But you can access the live view without needing a paid Ring account. Ring doesn’t record 24/7 it just records when it detects motion.

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Solar Panel

Ring Solar Panel

If you don’t want to bother with either hard wiring a Ring Doorbell or replacing batteries, you can connect your Ring Video Doorbell to this Ring Solar Charger.

This will keep your Ring Doorbell charged with as little as 3 hours of sunlight. It comes with a very long chord so that you can position it in a well lit area.

The Ring Solar Panel is available in Australia and will work with Ring Doorbell 3+.

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Ring Antitheft Doorbell Mount

Ring antitheft door mount

If you’re worried about someone stealing your Ring Doorbell then there are a number of good solutions to prevent theft.

The Ring Door Mount will securely attach your Ring to the door. Plus it has a no drill design. This is great for renters or those who are unable to easily attach the Ring to the wall.

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Custom Ring Doorbell Sign

Custom ring doorbell sign

This is a great gift idea for someone who already has a Ring Doorbell. This Custom Ring Sign with your house number and street has a special spot for affixing a Ring Doorbell. It will also work with Ring Alternatives like the Nest.

More Ring Doorbell Accessories

As well as these accessories there are also a huge number of mounting and customisation accessories for the Ring Doorbell and Ring Camera that are available in Australia. You can change the faceplate of the Ring Doorbells to match the style and colour of your home and there are also a variety of mounting brackets. You can pretty much mount a Ring Doorbell anywhere!

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