Sensibo Sky vs Sensibo Air: Which is Better

Sensibo sells a range of smart air conditioner controllers. If you’re tossing up between the Sensibo Sky and the Sensibo Air, this guide will help you pick the right one.

What’s the Difference Between Sensibo Sky, Air and Pro?

There are now three different smart air conditioner controllers in the Sensibo range:

Here is the difference between the models:

FeatureSensibo SkySensibo AirSensibo Air Pro
Control Air Con using App
Google Assistant Support
Alexa Support
HomeKit Support
Indoor Air Quality Monitor

What is the Difference Between the Sensibo Sky and the Sensibo Air

There are three main differences of the sensibo sky vs air:

  1. The Sensibo Air has an updated design that is slimmer and in my opinion looks better on the wall.
  2. The Sensibo Air has HomeKit support
  3. The Sensibo Air has Room Sensor Support

If you use any Apple devices I highly recommend going with the Sensibo Air (or Pro) as these models support HomeKit. This means you can add the device through the Apple Home App and it will be controllable by all your Apple Devices. This is especially useful if you want to control multiple smart home devices at once, such as turning everything off when you leave home. You can also setup HomeKit geofencing automations (i.e turn off the Air Con when the last family member leaves the house), which I’ve found to work better than the geofencing features in the Sensibo app. I was also able to setup an automation that turned off the air con when a window is opened using a HomeKit window sensor.

Sensibo also sells a wireless Room Sensor that can be used to automate when your Air con turns on and off. This is only compatible with the Air.

The Sensibo Air has an updated chipset which supports both Wifi and Bluetooth. In theory the Air should be more reliable.

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What is the Difference Between the Sensibo Air vs Air Pro

The latest Sensibo device is the Sensibo Air Pro. It adds an air quality monitor. It has all the same features of the Air and also supports HomeKit. Personally I can’t really see the justification in spending more for just an air quality monitor. It’s possible to get a HomeKit compatible Air Quality monitor for much less.

Which Sensibo is Best?

My pick is the Sensibo Air because it adds support for Apple HomeKit. While I still use the Sensibo App, I do like being able to control the air con using the Home App on my phone and watch. I can also use Siri to control it.

The design of the Sensibo Air is also much improved over the original Sky and has additional mounting options.

In terms of connectivity, in theory the Air should perform better than the Sky as it has an updated chipset. I’ve found the Air to be reliable, but your Router and Router location will have an impact. All Sensibo devices only support 2.4ghz Wifi, this means something as trivial as turning on your microwave could actually hamper connectivity.

Overall I think the Sensibo Air is best bet especially if you use Apple Devices.

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