The Best Smart Heaters with Wifi: Australian Guide

I shopped around to try and find the best Smart Heaters with Wifi for your home. A smart electric heater is one of the most useful smart home devices you can buy. You’ll potentially save money on heating costs, plus you’ll also have the added convenience on being able to control your heater using your voice or phone. Some smart heaters can also be programmed to turn on based on the weather outside.

If you already have a traditional electric heater, then jump down to see how you can also connect it to your smart home.

The Best Smart Heaters Available in Australia

Breville The Air Rounder Connect – My Pick

The Breville Air Rounder is an all-in-one device. It’s a Fan, Heater and Air Purifier all in one. And it can be controlled over Wifi using the Breville Connect App.

The Breville Air Rounder Smart Heater and Fan

The Air Rounder comes in two sizes, the Connect and Connect Plus. The Connect Plus is designed for larger rooms and the Connect can easily heat a small room.

  • Hot or Cold Air – You can use this device as a Smart Heater or a Fan
  • Air Purifier – Built in Air Purifier. Clean dangerous toxins from the air including bushfire smoke.
  • Use the Breville Connect App – The Breville Connect App is really well designed and lets you control your smart heater remotely. You can even set it up to turn on or off based on the weather. The App will also show you what the air quality is like inside your home.

Why I like the Breville Air Rounder Connect

If you’re looking for a smart electric heater with Wifi then my top pick is the Breville Air Rounder. Although it doesn’t connect with existing smart home systems like HomeKit or Google Home, I’ve found that the app has all the features that I need.

I also like Breville as a brand. I currently have a number of Breville appliances and I’ve always found them to be a step above in terms of quality. I know that these products will last and work as advertised. Breville products are usually more expensive than other brands but I believe you save money in the long run by not having to replace appliances as often.

Find out more about the Breville Air Rounder

Kogan SmarterHome Heater

Kogan sells a huge range of smart home devices under the SmarterHome brand. I find these products to be a bit hit and miss. But these devices will work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. So if you want to turn your heater on and off using voice control, than this is a good option.

The Kogan SmarterHome Smart Heaters
  • Control the Heater Using Your Phone – You can use the SmarterHome app which is available on Android on iOS to control the heater. Set timers, or automations based on weather.
  • Google Home and Alexa Support – Turn the heater on or off using your voice.
  • Visual Temperature Display – The heater displays the temp on the front.
  • Available in Black and White – Kogan sells Smart Heaters in a range of sizes and in two different colours.

Dyson Hot and Cool

The Dyson Hot + Cool is a bluetooth Smart Heater. Just like the Breville, it is also an Air Purifier.

Dyson Smart Heater
  • Bluetooth Heater – This smart heater can connect to the Dyson App. You can use the app to control cooling or heating as well as monitor your home’s air quality.
  • Heating plus Cooling – The Dyson works just as well as a heater as it does a fan. It’s powerful enough to heat an entire room or provide fan cooling over a large area.
  • Low Noise – The Dyson’s design is fairly quiet. I own an older model and it was already reasonably quiet compared to traditional fans. The newer models claim to be slightly quieter. At low power, it’s quiet enough to run overnight
  • No Google Home or Alexa Support – Unfortunately the Dyson doesn’t connect to any existing smart home setups. You do need to use the app to

Best Smart Heater for Homekit

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any smart heaters in Australia that support HomeKit. The best option is to buy a HomeKit Smart Plug. This will let you turn the heater on and off using your Phone or Siri, plus you’ll be able to connect the heater with other HomeKit accessories like a smart thermometer.

Eve Energy make any heater HomeKit compatible

I recommend the Eve Energy Smart Plug for heaters. I find it is one of the best smart plugs available in Australia and works reliably. The Eve Smart Plug can handle up to ~1800watts. So if your heater draws more power you won’t be able to use this smart switch. For small electric heaters, you should be fine.

How to Make Any Electric Heater Smart

You don’t need to spend a fortune buying a smart heater. If you have an existing electric heater that plugs into the wall, you can make it smart by adding a smart plug.

This is what I’ve done in my office. I was finding that the thermostat on my cheap column heater wasn’t doing a great job. My office was either way to hot or way to cold. So I connected my heater to a Eve Energy Smart Plug. Any smart plug will do but make sure it can handle the amount of power your heater will draw. I can now turn the heater off or on from my desk. And I’ve also connected the heater to my Eve Smart Thermostat. So now, whenever the temperature in the office drops below a certain number, the heater turns on. You can easily set this up using the Home App on your iPhone. If you don’t have an iPhone, similar things can be achieved through Google Home app or with Alexa routines.

How to Connect a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner to your Smart Home

My Apartment has a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner. I can use it during winter to quite effectively heat my home. But unfortunately it has no smart features. The good news is that you can buy devices that will connect your Air Conditioner to your Smart Home:

Sensibo Sky

The Sensibo Sky will connect your Air Conditioner to your smart home. It basically replaces your split system’s remote control. There’s no complex installation it just needs to be plugged in near your Air Con.

The Sensibo Sky connects with Google Home, Alexa and HomeKit. You’ll be able to use your voice to turn on or off your Split System. It also acts as a thermostat. Which is way more accurate than the one in your system.

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