The Best Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitors: Australian Guide

As more research is done, it’s becoming more and more apparent just how important indoor Air Quality is to our long term health. But how do you measure air quality? The best way is using a smart indoor air quality monitor.

A smart indoor air quality sensor can connect to your home and smart phone so you can easily check and record how the air quality changes in your home. You can setup notifications when the air quality drops below a certain level and even automate turning on devices like an Air Purifier.

The Best Smart Air Quality Monitors

I tested out a number of indoor air quality monitors available in Australia. These are the best options. I haven’t included options which had connectivity issues or inaccurate results.

Eve Room

Eve Room Temperature HomeKit Accessory

The Eve Room is my indoor air quality monitor of choice. It features an e-ink display which can display the rooms temperature, humidity and of course Indoor VOC (volatile organic compounds). The display will show a star rating based on how clean the air is. And you can also use the app to see a more detailed graph and all the measurements.

The Eve Room is a Homekit compatible air quality monitor and once added to HomeKit you can see the Air quality readings in the ‘Home’ app and also ask Siri what the Air Quality is like. It’s possible to setup automations within HomeKit to turn on devices like an Air Quality monitor using a smart plug if the Air Quality drops below a certain level.

The Eve Room supports Thread the next generation of smart home networking protocols. You don’t need a hub to use the Eve Room. The Eve Room is only currently compatible with iOS devices. I don’t believe it works on Android yet, but Eve is launching an Eve app for Android.

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Sensibo Elements

Sensibo Elements Air Quality Monitor

The Sensibo Elements Air Quality Monitor has a PM2.5 sensor as well as a CO2 sensor. Because modern houses and apartments are so well sealed, CO2 buildup is becoming a bigger issue. It can lead to headaches, brain fog and potentially cause other health issues.. Sensibo Elements is one of the few air quality sensor I tested that has a built in CO2 meter. This meter can send you alerts when certain pollution levels are reached and it also has a visual LED display.

It does lack the e-ink display that the Eve Room has but you do get more indoor air quality measurements.

The only downside of Sensibo Elements is it doesn’t come with HomeKit support. The app will still run on Android and iOS devices and it has Google Home and Alexa support.

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Ikea Indoor Air Quality Monitor (Coming Soon)

Ikea is a launching a new Air Quality Monitor which is similar to the Eve Room. It features an e-ink display. The Ikea Air Quality monitor will also be Matter compatible. This means you will be able to add it to any smart home system that supports Matter.

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