The Best Zigbee Light Switches in Australia

Zigbee is a popular smart home networking protocol that is both reliable and fast. Instead of replacing all your existing lights with smart bulbs, you can make them smart by using a Zigbee light switch. This is an easy way to update your existing downlights to make them smart.

Best Zigbee Light Switches

These are the best Zigbee light switches currently available in Australia

Nue Zigbee Light Switch

The Nue Zigbee Light Switch is available in 1,2,3 and 4 Gang configurations and is one of the best Zigbee compatible smart switches you can get in Australia. There are also options with dimmers and scene control buttons.

Nue Zigbee Light Switch
  • Works with the Hue Bridge, Nue Bridge Samsung Smarthings, Habitat and Lightify Hubs
  • Supports Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice control
  • Can be connected to HomeKit through Homebridge
  • Will still control your lights if your internet or router goes down

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Jinvoo Zigbee Smart Light Switch

If you’re looking for the cheapest Zigbee light switch, then the Jinvoo is a reasonable option. I have concerns about the build quality which is a step below the Nue switches.

Jinvoo is a cheap Zigbee smart light switch

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OzSmartThings Zigbee Light Switch

OzSmartThings sells a range of Zigbee light switches. Like the Nue switches they are capacitive touch switches and they are available in a number of different configurations. These won’t work with the Hue Hub but they will work with a number of other Zigbee hubs and bridges. These switches will also work with the Zenismart hub which is a HomeKit hub for Zigbee devices.

Zigbee smart switch

Will Zigbee Switches work with All Zigbee Lights and Hubs?

Unfortunately Zigbee isn’t standardised like other protocols. So you can’t guarantee that one Zigbee device will be compatible with another. It’s best to check to make sure the smart switch you’re buying is going to be compatible with the Zigbee hub or bridge you have. The Nue switches tend to have the best support for different bridges. They support the Hue bridge which is what many people (including myself) use.

Can I add a Zigbee Switch to HomeKit?

It’s possible to add a Zigbee switch by using the Zemismart Hub. This is a Zigbee Hub that can control Tuya compatible Zigbee devices. It will make them available in HomeKit. I’m still in the process of testing out the Zemismart hub to see if it’s compatible with other Zigbee smart switches.

If you add a smart light switch like the Nue to the Hue Bridge, it won’t show up in HomeKit. That is because third party devices don’t get passed through to HomeKit from Hue.

If you’re using HomeKit compatible smart lights you can also just use a HomeKit Light Switch instead of a Zigbee switch.

Do you need an Electrician to Install these Smart Switches?

Yes. In Australia a qualified electrician is required to install all mains switches.

Why Zigbee?

Zigbee is one of the most popular smart home networking protocols. It’s a low energy networking mesh networking protocol. I think it’s better to use Zigbee over devices that connect directly to the Wifi. Because Zigbee is a mesh network, each smart light or switch can connect to smart devices close to them. I’ve found that many Wifi smart devices tend to have connectivity problems as they just can’t put a powerful enough Wifi radio inside the limited space. If you setup Zigbee correctly your smart lights should work all the time with almost near zero connectivity issues.

My smart lights, which are Philips Hue (Zigbee) have no connection issues and I haven’t had any dropouts.

If you’re currently using smart lights light the Lifx or Mirabello Genio, which connect directly to WiFi and you’re having connectivity issues, I would look into getting Zigbee lights. While there is currently a bigger range of hubless wifi light switches available in Australia, my preference is to use Zigbee or Thread over just Wifi.

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