Is the Arlo Video Doorbell Worth Getting? My 2023 Review

Arlo sells two smart video doorbells in Australia. One is wired, which is fairly unique in Australia and the other is wireless. It’s a fairly popular brand in the U.S, but is it worth buying in Australia? Here’s my review:

Arlo Video Doorbell Pros

Wired and Wireless Options

Arlo Video Doorbells

There aren’t a huge number of wired smart doorbells available in Australia. Google Nest no longer sells the wired version of their doorbell here. While a wired doorbell is more complex to install (and requires an electrician), the upside is you don’t need to worry about replacing any batteries. I would only buy the wired version if you already have an existing wired doorbell.

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Good Quality Camera and Image

The image quality is good and matches most of the competition. It’s not quite as clear as the Eufy Doorbells which has a more expensive sensor. The Arlo doorbells have a wide 180 degree field of view. This is higher than most other video doorbells.

Phone Rings when Someone is at the Door

The Arlo app uses video calls when someone rings the doorbell. This means that instead of just receiving a push notification, your phone will actually ring. This is a nice feature. I found there was a tiny bit of lag when speaking through to the camera. All video doorbells do have some lag.

Event Notifications

The Arlo doorbell can send you a notification when it detects motion. You can also set it up to only send you a notification for certain motion types including people and pets. The notifications work well. You can setup optional motion zones to only alert you when motion is detected in a specific zone.

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Arlo Video Doorbell Cons

Arlo Secure Subscription

Just like the Ring and Nest video doorbells you need a subscription to access all the features of the Arlo smart doorbell. Although the doorbell is functional without a subscription, it won’t keep any motion recordings without it. You also can’t setup smart notifications (such as only alert when a person is seen) without a subscription.

Both Ring and Google Nest give you slightly more for free without requiring a subscription. The Nest doorbell will keep recordings for a limited time and give you smart notifications without needing a subscription.

Connection Issues

It’s hard to review a smart device’s connection as my Wifi is going to be different to yours. So I have to go off user reports. Users have reported connection issues. This is quite a common issue with video doorbells due to their location and size. If you are having issues, the cheapest fix is a Wifi Extender. Ring even sells a Wifi Extender/Chime combo for their doorbell.

My Arlo Doorbell Review: is it worth getting?

If you have an existing wired doorbell and want to replace it with a smart video doorbell, the Arlo Wired Doorbell is a good option. When used with the Arlo Homebase, the Arlo doorbell works with Apple HomeKit. So you’ll be able to see the video feed on your iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV. It’s one of the few video doorbells that support HomeKit in Australia.

If you’re looking for a wireless doorbell the Arlo Wireless Doorbell is a cheaper alternative to both the Google Nest and Eufy Doorbells. It’s possible to get an early generation Ring Doorbell for cheaper but it’s not quite as good as the Arlo. If you’re looking to spend a little less on a video doorbell the Arlo is a good choice.

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