The Best Smart Christmas Lights in Australia

If you’re looking to make your Christmas lights smarter, I’ve looked at the best Smart Christmas lights in Australia to see what works and what doesn’t.

I tested a number of different Wifi christmas lights that are available for sale in Australia. These are the best smart Christmas lights available in Australia. I’ve also included some options for converting your existing Christmas lights into smart lights.

Twinkly Smart Christmas Lights – My Pick

Twinkly Smart Christmas Lights

The Twinkly Christmas lights are the best smart christmas lights available in Australia. These Christmas lights have individually controllable and mappable bulbs. This means you can create truly impressive Christmas lighting displays using the companion smart app available on both iOS and Android devices.

Create impressive lighting effects using the Twinkly smart Christmas lights

The effects you can create using the Twinkly lights are pretty incredible. For example, you can light up sections of your Christmas tree in stripes, complete with animations:

Unlike cheaper smart Christmas lights, every single bulb can be individually controlled on the Twinkly lights. I tested a bunch of cheaper smart Christmas lighting and found that I was only able to set them up with limited range of options. Where as with Twinkly I can create a huge range of different lighting effects. The app comes with a range of beautiful effects you can use or you can create your own.

To further extend the functionality of the lights you can add the Twinkly Music Dongle. This allows you to sync your Christmas lights with music.

Twinkly sells a range of smart Christmas lights in different styles and configurations. You can get string and curtain lights and they also sell both RGB and single coloured.

The downside of the Twinkly range is the price. However, as these are LED bulbs, they should last a lifetime and I think they are a high quality product.

Find out More about Twinkly

Smart Plugs – Make your existing Christmas Lights Smart

The easiest way to make your existing Christmas lights smart is to use a smart plug. If you have a lot of Christmas lights, or they are plugged in to a hard to reach location, then a smart plug will make your life much easier. You can also setup the smart plug on an automation so it will turn on and off a certain times.

Philips Hue Smart Plug

If you have existing Hue lights and a Hue Bridge, I recommend getting the Hue Smart Plug. It will connect to your Hue Bridge and I’ve found it to be super reliable with no connection issues. It was also super easy to setup.

Hue devices work with Google Home, Alexa and HomeKit and I find the Hue app to be one of the best to use. You will need a Hue Bridge to control the smart powerpoint when you’re away from home.

Meross Smart Plug

The Meross Smart Plug is a good option for integrating your Christmas lights with Google Home or Alexa. And if you have an Apple Device, Meross also sells a HomeKit Smart Plug. These plugs are cheap and I’ve found them to be quite reliable.

If you have a lot of Christmas lights, it’s probably best to use a smart power board. Most smart plugs block the second outlet on Australian power outlets so you won’t be able to plug two in side by side.

Holiday Hue Scenes

If you have existing Hue Bulbs, then you use the Hue app to set a Holiday themed scene. I found these scenes also work really well in conjunction with the Twinkly Christmas lights.

Are Smart Christmas Lights Worth it?

The Twinkly Smart Christmas lights are expensive, but they look incredibly impressive. I wouldn’t bother with the cheaper smart Christmas lights you can get on Amazon. I found the lighting effects to be less than impressive and had no more functionality than regular lights.

The cheapest option is to just use a smart plug connected to your Christmas lights. This will let you control your lights using your Phone or voice assistant.

If you’re looking to create impressive Christmas lighting effects, then I think the Twinkly lights are absolutely worth it.

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