The Best Ring Doorbell Alternatives

The Ring Doorbell is one of the most popular video doorbells in Australia. But there are also some great alternatives that offer different features.

Here are the best Ring Doorbell alternatives available in Australia in 2023:

Ring Doorbell Alternatives in Australia

Google Nest Video Doorbell

Google Nest Video Doorbell

The Google Nest video Doorbell is the closest Ring alternative available in Australia. And I think it’s one of the best video doorbells currently available.

The Google Nest has most of the same features as the Ring Doorbell but it does has a couple of additional features that are worth mentioning.

The Google Nest video doorbell can record 24/7 video. The Ring is unable to record 24/7 video. The Google Nest doorbell needs to be plugged in for 24/7 recording to work and you also need to pay for the most expensive Nest Aware Subscription plan.

Another great feature of the Nest Doorbell is that the image capture is vertical. Although you don’t get the same field of view as you do from the Eufy Duel you do get a head to toe image which can also see packages left on your doorstep.

The Google Nest Video Doorbell is one of the better looking doorbells and I think it looks better than the Ring. Of course this is down to personal taste. It also comes in a variety of colours. Although colour availability at Australian retailers is often limited.

Finally compared to the Ring you also get more cloud features for free. Without a Ring Subscription you Ring won’t record any events. Where as the Google Nest Doorbells stores events for a limited time without needing a subscription.

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Eufy 2k Doorbell Camera

Eufy 2k Doorbell

If you want a video doorbell but you don’t want to pay for an ongoing Ring protect subscription, the best Ring alternative is the Eufy 2k Doorbell. Instead of recording video to the cloud, the Eufy uses a basestation.

The Eufy Doorbell Camera has the same event detection features as the Google Nest and Ring. I’ve found the detection of people, pets and packages to be quite reliable although not as good as the Google Nest.

The Eufy will set you back a little more than the cheaper Ring doorbells but you’ll end up saving money in the long run as there is no subscription. You can still access you camera remotely, talk using 2 way audio, view event videos and more through the included Eufy app.

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Eufy Dual Doorbell Camera

Eufy Duel Video Doorbell Camera

The Eufy Dual has 2 cameras to give you a complete view your doorstep. One camera is for viewing people and the other is facing downwards to pick up packages. It has the best field of view of all the video doorbells. I also think it has the best video quality.

Just like the Eufy 2k you’ll need the Eufy basestation which stores the recordings.

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Let me know if you’ve found any other great ring doorbell alternatives that are available in Australia.

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